(halloween) diy fisherman and fish family costumes

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I’m THAT mom. The one that makes her whole family dress up for Halloween in coordinating costumes. They love it…or maybe they are just used to my crazy ideas. Plus, the fact that my son gets to carry around a large stick and “fish” for his sister totally sealed the deal on his fisherman costume.

Because my husband and son are actually planning their first real fishing trip sometime in the future, I decided to get them real non-costume vests. I found the toddler vest at L.L.Bean and I purchased my husband’s vest on Amazon. I got real fishing bobbins and lures, snapped off the hooks with wire cutters and sewed them to their vests and around their bucket hats (also purchased on Amazon). For Logan’s fishing pole, I wrapped a wooden dowel in hemp string and attached a felt fish with a large googly eye to the end.

For my adult fish costume, I dyed a white hoodie purple using RIT fabric dye and attached felt half circles to the chest like I did for the baby fish costume. I hot glued large styrofoam half circles to the hood and made a black eyeball out of black adhesive felt. Super simple!

I can’t wait to go trick-or-treating with my little fishing family!


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