kid friendly: step2 great outdoor playhouse

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I am a Step2 Ambassador and am partnering with Step2 for the following review. I received a product in exchange for my review and honest opinion.

A few weeks ago, we surprised our kiddos with the Great Outdoors Playhouse with a little help from Step2. I could barely get Logan to stop for 2 seconds to smile at the camera (see his “can I play now, mom?” smile above), he just wanted to explore. This isn’t your ordinary playhouse, there are so many fun and interactive features. Y’all, this thing is COOL! It has a BBQ grill, a mail slot, flower box, bird house and a working water pump and power wheel. I want one for myself lol! I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated by all of the parts that came out of the box, but it’s super easy to put together and the directions are very clear. I only needed minimum assistance.

We’ve never been a big television family, we don’t even have cable. Somewhere after Amelia was born (she’s almost 8 months), the television was turned on more and more. I’ll admit that it’s a convenient babysitter while nursing a newborn, but I also noticed that my creative child was now opting for a show over crayons and it was causing some behavioral issues. I’m certainly not against television, Baby Signing Time got us to toddlerhood and Daniel Tiger is navigating us through preschool. I’d just prefer that it not be on all. day. long. So, we’ve been detoxing from TV and Logan can pick 1 show per day. I’m such a mean mom.

Our new “1 show a day” rule wasn’t met with any opposition after Logan saw his new playhouse. Now he just begs to play outside in his playhouse, which is a win for everyone (especially in this beautiful Arizona weather). I love all of the pretend scenarios that Logan concocts up. One afternoon he was a chef cooking me chocolate hamburgers and grasshopper shakes. Hmm, not sure if I’ll be frequenting that restaurant. On another occasion, he pretended to be a mail carrier and pushed notes he scribbled through the mail slot in felt envelopes I crafted for him. The possibilities are endless and I just love the creativity that this playhouse inspires.

To make your own DIY felt envelopes, use a paper envelope as your template (just make sure it can fit through the mail slot). Open it up and trace it onto a piece of felt. Cut around the tracing and hot glue the envelope together, leaving the top flap unglued. Hot glue the top part of a heart to the top flap and adhere sticky back velcro so the envelope closes shut. You can cut out white pieces of felt and add a “to” and “from” line to it with black puffy paint and glue it to the envelope. You can also hot glue a small heart to the top right corner to look like a stamp. Super easy and hours of fun!

Aside from the lesson in pretend play, Logan recently learned another important lesson. Gravity. What goes up, must come down. Oh yes, see that fun working water pump? He filled his bucket full of water with it and got so excited that he threw the bucket up in the air. We all had a good laugh, especially because if you know Logan you know that he hates being dirty and this was so out of character for him. We later added the “don’t throw the bucket up in the air” rule to our “1 show a day” rule. Darn rules.

You can see all of the fun Logan had in his new Step2 playhouse here:

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