(craft tutorial) 4th of july firecracker party favors

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Firecrackers are perfect patriotic décor. These are even better because you can fill them with treats! (Think neighbor gifts and party favors.)

To make these fun firecrackers you’ll need these common items: toilet paper rolls, decorative paper, tape, glue, ribbon, cellophane, and your treats to fill them with.

Step 1: Cut your paper to the right size to fit around the toilet paper roll. Wrap the roll and glue or tape it secure. Step 2: Add your treats inside (I used candy and little noisemakers). Then wrap with cellophane and secure both ends with ribbon. I cut one end shorter and then stuffed the excess cellophane inside the toilet paper roll. Step 3: For the top of the firecracker, cut a circle out of paper about twice the diameter of the toilet paper roll. Cut a slit to the middle of the circle. Step 4: Wrap the circle into a cone shape and glue. To secure the top onto the toilet paper roll Add hot glue around the edges.

These little guys are a snap to assemble, and are such a festive and fun way to pass along a little treat! Happy 4th!

Aimee has two energetic little boys, and a husband in dental school. When she’s not making PB&Js or washing scrubs, she loves to throw a pretty party, create things for her kids, and make over spaces in her home (on a starving student budget!). Catch up with her on her blog The Elephant of Surprise.

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