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Seeing as how Logan’s FOURTH birthday party is TODAY, maybe I should go ahead and post about his THIRD birthday party! I actually have a really good reason for taking so long to post. You see, literally seconds after I uploaded all of the party photos, my computer crashed before I had a chance to back anything recent up. Cue a panic attack. My hard drive was dead. No chance of recovery. All of my photos, gone. I was very pregnant with Amelia at the time and you can imagine the hormonal, but not entirely out of line, breakdown I had. Baby shower photos, pregnancy photos, my last moments with Logan as a single child…gone, gone gone. We were able to recover a few photos off of my camera from the Dino Dig birthday party, but it wasn’t all of them and a lot of details are missing.

Thankfully, my camera saved a couple photos of the dinosaur tails. My amazing friend Nicole made them, using the dinosaur tail tutorial from Running With Scissors, and the kids had a blast with them! Logan still wears his whenever he feels the need to be a dinosaur, which is often. They were definitely my favorite detail from the party. To go with their tails, I crafted up dinosaur feet out of foam and had the kids slip them on over their shoes to stomp around with. Each kiddo also got dinosaur coloring books (found at The Dollar Store) and dinosaur sippy cups (found at Walmart).

Another favorite detail from this party was the Dino Dig activity. I filled a plastic baby pool with sand and added some dinosaur bones and small dino toys inside. I painted plain wooden paint brush handles to match the party and gave each kid a personalized bucket with a shovel (also found at The Dollar Store) so they could dig up some dinosaurs. I found the safari hats at The Dollar Store and added elastic so they’d stay on our little paleontologists. Because the party was in July, in Arizona, in 115 degree weather, we had to keep the activities indoors. I put the plastic tub on top of a tarp, kept it on a tiled area and simply vacuumed up any spillage after the party.

For food, we served sub sandwiches that we ordered from our favorite local sandwich place. Add in some fruit, veggies and applesauce pouches and you have a super easy kid-friendly menu! I’m a huge fan of outsourcing my food so I’m not stuck in the kitchen all day. All of the super cute printables (straw flags, party circles, food labels, etc.) are by the fabulous Lauren Haddox Designs. She sells some of the coolest party printables around and is a doll to work with!

Logan, clearly not taking after his mother, is not a fan of cake or chocolate or cupcakes or basically anything sweet…except vanilla ice cream. So, instead of cake, I decided to do an ice cream bar with all of the toppings and it was a hit! There was graham crackers, oreos, choco rocks, yogurt raisins, cherries, jelly beans, sprinkles and so much more. Logan blew his candle out on a plain vanilla cone, of course. My mom also made the most fabulous dinosaur cookies to match the printables, which couldn’t be recovered off my camera. I also made each guest a jar filled with orange gumballs, topped with a dinosaur toy. Oh and I spent a good 10 hours covering a big huge number 4 in tissue paper pieces. No photos. Trust me, the other little details were super cute and the party was a blast to plan. The most important thing was that Logan had a blast! Stay tuned for a joint 1st & 4th Superhero birthday party post (and I’m backing up my photos asap)!

Party Credits

Party Styling: Vanessa of www.SeeVanessaCraft.com

Printables: Lauren Haddox Designs

Party Craft Tutorials

Dinosaur Tails Tutorial from Running With Scissors

Dinosaur Treat Jars from www.SeeVanessaCraft.com for Celebrations.com

Dinosaur Felt Applique Shirt from www.SeeVanessaCraft.com for Celebrations.com

Dinosaur Birthday Banner from www.SeeVanessaCraft.com for Celebrations.com


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  1. Hello! I love this dino dig! Where did you get the plastic dino skeleton? I want to do this for my son’s birthday this month!
    Thanks for the great inspiration!

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