(30 crafty days of halloween) witch hat fascinator

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Hello everyone! I’m Allison and I am the blogger behind the blog, A Glimpse Inside. I am super excited to be participating in Vanessa’s 30 Crafty Days of Halloween again this year. I have a super cute and easy project for you today. I thought I would make a Fascinator, you know, those small hats or head pieces you see people wear to Royal Weddings and what not in England, and a witch hat turned out to be the perfect fit!

DIY Witch Hat Fascinator / www.seevanessacraft.com
 Here is how you can make one for yourself!
-12×12 sheet of black card stock paper
-Embellishments- ribbon, stickers, flowers, pic for creating a wreath, whatever you choose
-Double sided tape or  hot glue gun
-Cutting Machine- I used my Silhouette.
-Alligator Clips
-Thin piece of card board (cereal boxes work great!)

Start cutting out the witch hat image. I used this 3D Witch Hat from the Silhouette Store. Blow up the image to fit the size of the paper. The image has a band and buckle that is suppose to be with it but I erased them and then rearranged the pieces to fit on one page. If you do not have a Silhouette, you could always use a party hat as a template and then trace the bottom to get the circle for the rim piece then trim the inner circle to make the rim width you would like.

Here are the pieces of my hat all cut out.

Using double sided tape, glue, or hot glue, place it down one side of the cone section of the hat. Then along all the small tabs on the bottom.

Wrap the cone over and press together.

Next, flatten all the flap pieces so the tape/glue sides are facing up and going away from the cone.

Slip the rim piece over the top of the cone and press down on all the flaps. Notice, it doesn’t line up and cover all the flaps perfectly. It’s ok… we’ll take care of that next!

Take some ribbon and hot glue it around the base of the cone. I added a little ruffle every so often with my ribbon by folding it back on itself. And be sure to start your ribbon where the seam of the cone is in the back!

Now it is time to have fun with all the other embellishments. Cut a small circle out of a thin piece of cardboard or a cereal box. This is what you will build your embellishment feature on. You could always attach your embellishments straight to the hat but I like that I could build it how I wanted it more on the cardboard piece. And now have fun!

Begin by figuring out what you want on the bottom, and work your way up in layers. I started with some black sheer glitter ribbon as the base. added some gold glitter ribbon that I used around the rim, some orange glitter branches, and some black chevron ribbon. I glued all this onto the circle first, then when I was happy with this (I kept putting it up to the hat to see where I wanted more or less), I glued my flowers on top of it.

When your embellishment piece is complete, just place hot glue on the back and glue it to your hat.

Next, pull out two alligator clips.

Hot glue the two clips on the underside of the rim. Be sure to open the clip when placing onto the glue! You don’t want to accidentally glue it shut! Also, glue the opening part of the clips facing the BACK of the hat. This way you will open and slip them on from front to back onto your hair. And now it is complete so slip it on!

Now you have your own little Fascinator to sport this Halloween season!

Or slip it on your little one to sport!

I think this will be super cute to put on while handing out Halloween candy just to be a little more festive. Thanks for letting me share Vanessa! Here are a few other Halloween ideas you find on A Glimpse Inside:

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I’m Allison, the blogger behind the blog, A Glimpse Inside. I am an Army wife and mother of two little girls with a creative side. I love crafting, doing DIY projects, scrapbooking, taking photos, and much more!!

Come hang out with me!


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