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by Stephanie of Crafting in the Rain for See Vanessa Craft

Hi everyone! Steph back again for my post this month. I don’t know about you, but I love finding ways to use natural materials in craft projects. A while back I had my husband cut a whole bunch of wood discs for me from a tree branch and I’ve already used some for wood slices necklaces and Christmas ornaments. For this project I took some and made a mobile to represent the solar system.

Supplies needed:
Embroidery hoop
Wood slices about 1/4 inch thick, (with a hole drilled in the tops)
Paint and brushes

Other than Earth, I didn’t try to “label” any of the other planets, but you sure could if you wanted. Mine is a much more abstract solar system than you might find in the gift shop of your local science museum. That leaves room for lots of creativity though, which I love.


Start by painting 9 wood pieces with different colors and patterns. I did a few solid colors, a few with white and colored stripes, and one with blue and green blobs to represent Earth. Let dry and paint the same design on the other sides. Feel free to get your kids in on it too.

Paint the embroidery hoop if desired. I painted mine black first, and then covered with a layer of silver glitter paint.


Cut different lengths of yarn and tie them onto the hoop and then through the holes in the wood. Tie to pieces of yarn across the top of the hoop so it can be hung.

Wouldn’t this be a cute decoration in a nursery or kid room, or even a planet themed birthday party?

Stephanie lives in the Northwest with her husband and their three children where she is actively involved in church and PTO activities. She loves a good book, good chocolate, and good food — though usually that means it was cooked by someone else. She’s been creating since she was little, trying out everything from cross stitch and stamps to watercolor and sewing. Currently spread across her desk these days you will usually find vinyl, pretty paper, washi tape and paint. She blogs at Crafting in the Rain.

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