DIY Vintage Door Headboard

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Add a bit of farmhouse flair to your bedroom with a diy vintage door headboard

Looking to add a little farmhouse charm to your bedroom!?! This DIY Vintage Door Headboard is the perfect DIY project even for beginners! 

vintage door for headboard


  • vintage door 
  • 1″ x 6″ trim piece {1 – 7′ long piece} *all of the cut measurements are for a queen sized bed.
  • 3″ crown molding {1 – 6′ long piece
  • 1″ x 4″ trim piece { 8 – 5′ long pieces}
  • air nail gun & nails
  • wood glue
  • circular saw
  • 2 wood clamps
  • matte white spray paint
  • drill & screws to attach to wall for room installation

creating a headboard out of an old door

Cut the old door 3″ wider than your mattress. 

attaching legs to diy vintage door headboard

Take 2 of the 1″ x 4″ pieces glue & nail them together in an L shape. Nail the L to one end of the door. 

nailing legs on diy headboard

Take 2 more 1″ x 4″ pieces glue & nail them together to make another L shape and nail and glue them to the other L to finish off the first leg of your DIY Vintage Door Headboard.

diy headboard legs

Here’s a better look at what the the legs will look like this when assembled on their own. 

diy headboard

Repeat the same leg assembly on the other side.

attaching crown on top of diy headboard

Attach the piece of crown molding to the top of the headboard with nails. 

building your own headboard

To finish off the top attach the 1″ x 6″ to the top of the headboard. 

vintage door headboard

Your DIY Vintage Headboard is now ready to be painted!

vintage door headboard is the perfect farmhouse style touch to a bedroom

I sprayed ours a white matte for a classic farmhouse look.

attach the headboard to the wall with screws

To install the headboard securely we screwed it straight into the wall. 

modern farmhouse style headboard

I love how it looks in our bedroom!!! Looking for more DIY inspiration!?! Pop on over to Dolen Diaries and say hello! 

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  1. Great video! This is exactly the bed I’ve enivisoned in my mind but had not found exactly what I wanted. I never thought of building one from recycled doors! Thanks for the great video and new ideas for constructing furniture pieces from recycled products!

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