Kid Friendly: Dinosaur Chalkboard Activity Tray

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I’m sharing how I made a dinosaur chalkboard activity and snack tray for our Jif™ Bars as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #TeamJif

DinoActivityTray1 copy

We’re escaping the Arizona heat (117 degrees!?!) with one last summer road trip to the beach. Road tripping with kids isn’t always easy, so planning activities and snacks for the road is a must! If you’re traveling with kids this summer, run to the store for a cheap baking sheet. This is a road trip must have, trust me. I’ll be showing you how to turn it into a dinosaur chalkboard tray. Logan, my 5 year old, loved moving the magnetic dinosaur toys around the tray and creating different chalk scenes. The dinosaurs will easily stay put on bumpy roads with the magnets. Hours of fun and I love that this activity tray can also double as a snack tray. As far as road trip snacks go, I’m a huge fan of snacks that won’t create a huge mess. Jif™ Bars Creamy Peanut Butter, a mix of Jif peanut butter and chewy granola bars, are at the top of my list! 


Baking Sheet
Chalkboard Spray Paint
Plastic Toy Dinosaurs
Hot Glue Gun
Favorite Snacks (we love Jif Bars)

ActivityTray1 copy


Step 1: Spray the baking sheet with several light coats of chalkboard spray paint, allowing paint to dry in between coats, until fully covered. Allow to fully dry and air out. I recommend making the trays at least 2 days before your road trip. 

ActivityTray2 copy

Step 2: Hot glue magnets to one side of the dinosaur toys.

ActivityTray3 copy

Step 3: Using chalk, draw a prehistoric scene on the chalkboard tray. My child requested a volcano with lava, water and grass for his dinosaurs. Your kids can also draw whatever they’d like. I recommend bringing along baby wipes so kids can easily wipe the tray clean themselves.

ActivityTray4 copy

Step 4: Add the dinosaurs to the tray. The magnets will stick to the tray.

ActivityTray5 copy

Step 5: Add your favorite snack. My kids love Jif Bars, especially the Creamy Peanut Butter Flavor (made with Jif peanut butter), when we’re on the go! 

ActivityTray6 copy

Step 6: Hit the road! Your kids will be entertained with their new chalkboard tray and they’ll have a place for easy, on the go snacking! A total win for mom!

ActivityTray7 copyActivityTray10 copy

 What are some of your favorite road trip snacks and activities?

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