Halloween: Candy Corn Shadow Box

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30 Crafty Days of Halloween

Hi everyone! I’m Valerie from Occasionally Crafty, and I’m thrilled to be here again this year for the 30 Crafty Days of Halloween Series! This year I’m sharing one of my favorite Halloween projects. You can make this Trick or Treat Candy Corn Shadowbox with just a few simple items.
Halloween Shadowbox 1
Shadowbox (mine is an 8×10 shadowbox from Michael’s)
Vinyl and transfer paper
Cutting machine
1 bag of classic candy corn
White cardstock 
Step 1: Cut your white cardstock to fit the inside backing of your shadowbox frame. Glue or tack in place.
Step 2: Cut the Trick or Treat file with your vinyl cutter. Weed away excess vinyl, and use transfer tape to place the design on the front glass of the shadowbox. Carefully use a scraper or credit card to make sure vinyl is fully adhered, then slowly peel transfer tape away.

Trick or Treat Shadowbox Vinyl

Step 3: Fill your shadowbox with a desired amount of candy corn. I made mine come up to the bottom of the house and children, but you could do the whole thing if you want for a different look.

Trick or Treat Shadowbox with Candy Corn

Step 4: Place the backing onto the shadowbox and secure. Now your Candy Corn Shadowbox is ready to display!

Halloween Shadowbox 3

This is a quick and easy project to make for Halloween, and I guarantee everyone will love it!

Halloween Shadowbox 1 (1)

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Thanks so much for having me!  Happy Halloween! 

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