Recipe: S’mores Marshmallows Chocolate Bark

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S'mores Chocolate Bark Recipe copy

There’s just something nostalgic when it comes to JET-PUFFED marshmallows and s’mores. They take me right back to my childhood. Anytime I open up a new bag of marshmallows, I can picture myself roasting marshmallows around a campfire as a child. My dad would take me camping a few times a year and those were some of my favorite childhood memories. 

Chocolate S'mores Bark Recipe 2 copyChocolate S'mores Bark Recipe 7 copy

I’m looking forward to giving my children those same memories, however I think we’ll opt for a cabin with electricity and running water. Tent camping doesn’t seem so appealing when you are a grown up, spoiled by modern conveniences. The JET-PUFFED marshmallows and s’more making supplies will still come with us, either way!  

Chocolate S'mores Bark Recipe 3 copyChocolate S'mores Bark Recipe 4 copy

I recently discovered JET-PUFFED MALLOW Bits and knew they’d be perfect to make s’mores chocolate bark! This recipe should tide us over until we can go camping. For this recipe you’ll need BAKER’s White Chocolate, JET-PUFFED Vanilla MALLOW Bits, graham crackers and a chocolate bar. This recipe would be perfect for a camping themed birthday party treat or even a fun rustic wedding favor. 

Chocolate S'mores Bark Recipe 5 copyChocolate S'mores Bark Recipe 6 copy

This recipe is easy enough for kids to help with. They can help break the graham crackers and chocolate bar into pieces. They will also enjoy sprinkling the JET-PUFFED MALLOW Bits on top of the chocolate. Smooth out the bottom white chocolate layer using a spatula, but don’t stress if it isn’t perfectly smooth. The imperfections will be hidden with chocolate bark toppings. Enjoy!

Chocolate S'mores Bark Recipe 8 copyChocolate S'mores Bark Recipe 1 copy

 Click here to see the full recipe: S’mores Chocolate Bark

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I am a proud member of the Jet-Puffed Marshmallows 2016 Blogger Program. I was hired by the brand as an ambassador and content creator because I’m awesome, I love marshmallows and I rock at making fun & delicious recipes. While I have been compensated for my time, all my opinions are my own. #Jet-Puffed #JetPuffedBlogger

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