Kid Friendly: 5 Reasons Kids Should Take Swim Lessons

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Aqua-Tots recently hosted my family for the purpose of a review. Our opinions, photos and love for swimming are 100% ours!

5 Reasons Kids Should Take Swim Lessons

We are in our second month of swim lessons at Aqua-Tots Peoria and signing our kids up for formal lessons is one of the best parenting decisions we’ve made. My daughter went from being terrified of the water a couple summers ago to now not wanting to leave swim lessons. It has been so much fun to watch their progress and confidence grow. I credit the amazing staff and program at Aqua-Tots! Also, can I just say how thankful I am that they offer INDOOR swim lessons. The pool water is always kept at a comfortable 88-90 degrees. The Peoria location offers fitting rooms, blow dryers and a rinsing off area. They also have a large viewing area for parents behind a glass window. We are all very comfortable there and I appreciate the amenities. Here is our list of 5 reasons why kids should sign up for swim lessons. 

Reason 1: SAFETY

Swim lessons save lives, especially when you live in the desert and are literally surrounded by swimming pools. Arizona’s drowning rate is 25 percent higher than the national average and twice the national average for children under 4. With those odds, swim lessons are so important. Aqua-Tots teaches all the necessary swim skills to be safe around water and has a checklist of skills that they work on at every level. Swim lessons at Aqua-Tots is invaluable.

Aqua Tots 2 copy


In the short month that my kids have been swimming at Aqua-Tots, I can see their confidence levels rising. Each child receives a chart and once each skill on the chart is mastered, they move on to the next level and receive a certificate. It is a great system to visually show kids that with hard work, they get rewarded. The coaches are also really great at offering genuine praise. 

Aqua Tots 3 copy 


When it comes to the important stuff, I call in the experts for assistance. Aqua-Tots instructors are required to complete 40+ hours of intensive classroom and in-water training and have passed written and in-water exams. They also have CPR training and participate in monthly training sessions. This high level of training absolutely shows in the water. We have loved our instructors, especially Coach Val at the Peoria location! She taught my daughter how to back float in one lesson and my son is now doing actual swim strokes!

Aqua Tots Swim Lessons for Kids 2 copy

Reason 4: FUN

While teaching children these important swim skills in a very calculated and educated way, Aqua-Tots still manages to make it FUN! The instructors add in songs, games and unlimited high fives throughout the lessons. My daughter was very nervous before her first lesson, but by the end of the lesson she was sad to leave because of how much fun she had. The instructors know how to quickly build trust in the pool and keep lessons positive.

Aqua Tots Swim Lessons for Kids 1 copy


Kids that learn how to swim from a young age turn into adults who know how to swim. It’s an important lifeskill that they can always carry with them. Kids seem to learn things faster than adults can, so it might also be easier to get those swim lessons in now while their brains are still little sponges. For our family, we love to travel and I want my kids to be strong swimmers so we can eventually do water excursions like scuba diving.

Aqua Tots Swim Lessons for Kids 5 copy

Visit Aqua-Tots to sign up for swim lessons at the Peoria and Surprise locations!

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