(buff mama monday) can i do this?

This week was tough. I’m seriously doubting whether or not I can actually run 13.1 miles. Actually, I’m doubting whether or not I can even run 5 miles on Saturday! I’m only 3 weeks into my half marathon training schedule and I honestly feel like throwing in the towel. But I won’t, because I’m stubborn like that and I apparently love torturing myself.

But seriously, what the heck was I thinking?! A year ago I couldn’t run for a minute straight to save my life and now I’m training for a half marathon?! Those running endorphins must be making me crazy. Giving birth to a baby without pain meds is easier than this, no joke! Aside the physical challenges, running is a total mental challenge for me. I keep repeating to myself that “my mind will give up a hundred times faster than my body will”.

Please tell me that all of these doubts are normal and that I can do it. Please tell me that it gets easier, even though I already know that it’s literally all uphill from here. This week I’m running 4-5 mile runs, in two weeks 5-6 mile runs, two more weeks and I’ll be up to 6-7 mile runs…until I reach the magic 13.1 number. HELP. Tomorrow I have a 4 mile run, with an added 60lb kid + stroller load in tow. I did 4 miles minus the extra weight on Saturday and nearly died. Tomorrow is going to be fun. I’m going to attempt it though and push through the pain. I can do this. I can do this. Can I do this??

Next week is my last week on Nutrisystem and I couldn’t be more grateful for their support. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today in my fitness if it wasn’t for them. They jump started my weight loss journey and now it’s my turn to take what I learned and run (13.1 miles) with it. I’ll be vlogging my last Nutrisystem vlog next week. Let me know if you have any questions about the program or my weight loss journey and I’ll answer them during the blog…ask me anything!

The fine print: Nutrisystem is providing their food and program to me for free, as part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. These opinions expressed are my own opinions and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. Want to join me on the Nutrisystem program? Call 1-888-853-4689 or sign up online.

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I'm Vanessa and it's my mission in life to spread my love of hot glue guns and glitter to others. I suffer from craft ADHD, regularly working on at least 10 projects at the same time and my craft room looks like a tornado hit it. My first craft book, Party in a Jar, was published in 2014. I look forward to crafting with you!


  1. Annie says

    This is one of those little battles that you have to face every time you run. Can I do this? What if I give up, will anyone notice? When I’m feeling like that, I pick little goals, like, run just this .5 miles. Or, run to that tree over there. Finishing little goals makes the big goals seem much more attainable. And I can speak from experience that the first 4 miles is the hardest. Between 5 and 9 miles, you are so high on running endorphins you’ll barely notice it. Of course, take an ibuprofin when you eat your banana afterwards, because you’ll feel it the next day ;)

  2. Kimberly F says

    Vanessa, YOU CAN DO IT!! Just think of what you have already accomplished! We have never met, but I have so much faith in you. Your determination and bravery have inspired me, and I know you have it in you to meet this new goal.

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