Craft: Butterfly Bird Feeder

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Butterfly Bird Feeder 9 web

Kids will enjoy watching birds eat from these handmade butterfly bird feeders, crafted out of toilet paper rolls. This kid-friendly craft is perfect for most age and skill levels. Make it a family project and the younger children can help with the coloring and the older children can assist with the cutting steps. You may want to make this bird feeder outside, as it can get a little sticky with tiny fingers in the peanut butter. Totally worth the mess!


1 White Cardstock Sheet
Toilet Paper Roll
Peanut Butter
Plastic or Kid-Friendly Butter Knife
Bird Seed
Hot Glue Gun
1 Pipe Cleaner
Hole Puncher
Jute or String

Butterfly Bird Feeder 1 web


Step 1: Have your child color the entire white cardstock sheet.

Butterfly Bird Feeder 2 web
Step 2: Cut the colored cardstock into butterfly wings. I found it easiest to fold the cardstock in half before cutting so the wings were symmetrical. Adults may need to assist with this step depending on your child’s age.

Butterfly Bird Feeder 3 web
Step 3: Smear peanut butter around the toilet paper roll using a kid-friendly butter knife, leaving a ½ inch vertical strip along the back free of peanut butter to attach to the butterfly wings.

Butterfly Bird Feeder 4 web
Step 4: Roll the peanut butter covered toilet paper roll in bird seed. Gently press the bird seed down into the peanut butter to ensure that it sticks to the toilet paper roll.

Butterfly Bird Feeder 5 web
Step 5: Add a line of hot glue to the strip of toilet paper roll not covered in peanut butter and attach to the center of the butterfly wings (adults only). Cut a pipe cleaner in half, fold to look like antennas and hot glue to the inside of the toilet paper roll as shown in the photo (adults only).

Butterfly Bird Feeder 6 web
Step 6: Punch a hole in the back of the butterfly, through the toilet paper roll and attach a piece of jute or string to hang.

Butterfly Bird Feeder 7 web
Step 7: Hang your butterfly bird feeder on a tree branch and watch for birds!

Butterfly Bird Feeder 8 web

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