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Hi everyone! My name is Stacey and I’m so excited to be taking part of Vanessa’s 30 Crafty Days of Halloween series. I blog over at Glued To My Crafts and I share a variety of things like recipes, DIY projects and even a glimpse into our life as a military family. But my most favorite thing to share on my blog is kid craft tutorials. So it’s only fitting that I share a Halloween childhood craft favorite of mine with you all today – Egg Carton Spiders.

Since we do a ton of kid crafts in our home, I have to find ways to cut corners and stay on budget. Using recycled items are a fun way to get creative and save a few dollars too. We go through a ton of eggs, so egg cartons are always available. With a few simple steps and a little imagination – your child can make these creepy {but cute} spiders in no time. They make for a fun afternoon activity with young children, that turn into great Halloween decor afterwards.

Are you ready to learn the “how to” for this craft? Let’s grab our supplies!


* Cardboard Egg Carton

* Black Paint

* Black Pipe Cleaners

* Paint Brush

* Scissors

* Wiggle Eyes

* School Glue


* First cut apart your egg carton. You will want the pieces to lay flat. Each section will be a spider’s body.

* Have your child paint each egg carton piece completely black. Set aside to let them dry completely.

* Cut your pipe cleaners into thirds. I did two pipe cleaners for each egg carton piece. When cut in thirds, each spider had six legs.

* Using scissors, carefully poke six small holes along each egg carton piece. Place your pipe cleaner in the hole and bend to look like a spider leg.

* To finish your spiders, give them life by gluing two wiggle eyes on the front of the egg carton piece.

Pretty easy, right? And of course, you can change out a few things to match what you have on hand or what your child’s imagination is running with. There are no rules saying you can’t have orange or pink spiders. You can also use items like toilet paper rolls or Styrofoam cups to replace the egg carton. It’s all about having fun and getting crafty with your child!

With Halloween just a few weeks away, will you be adding this simple kid craft to your list? I sure hope so! For more kid friendly Halloween ideas – be sure to check out these posts on my blog:

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Stacey is the writer behind the blog Glued To My Crafts. Currently they live in Wyoming, where she is an Air Force wife and a stay-at-home-mom to a little boy. Through her blog, she enjoys sharing their crafty adventures, as well as everyday life. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for all things crafty!

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I'm Vanessa and it's my mission in life to spread my love of hot glue guns and glitter to others. I suffer from craft ADHD, regularly working on at least 10 projects at the same time and my craft room looks like a tornado hit it. My first craft book, Party in a Jar, was published in 2014. I look forward to crafting with you!

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