Halloween: Harry Potter Printable Potion Bottles

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Welcome to 30 Crafty Days of Halloween! This Harry Potter printable potion bottles post is part of our guest blogger series. This post contains affiliate links. Make sure to check out all of our Halloween Tutorials for more inspiration!  


Hello, friends! My name is Steph and I blog at The Silly Pearl, all about crafts and DIY. I’m so happy to be here on See Vanessa Craft again this Halloween season! Today I’m sharing my Harry Potter Potions Bottle Halloween Decor project. If you’ve visited my blog lately, you know I’m doing a Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Halloween Porch, so this display will be a part of it. The sayings are part of the scene where Professor Snape, in his infamously creepy voice, introduces potions class to Harry and his fellow first years.


Wood crate
Chicken wire
Wire cutters and plier
Test tubes
Colored beads
Off-white paper
Harry Potter Potions Printable Labels
Xyron 1.5-inch Sticker Maker with Repositionable Adhesive Cartridge
Hot glue
Craft wire


I used test tubes as my potions bottles so I needed to make a stand for them. So I used a wood crate (which measured 13 x 5 x 2.5 inches) and some chicken wire, making sure the test tubes could fit through the holes in the wire.


I cut my chicken wire the size of my crate, plus about 1.5 inches all around.


Then I just pushed it into the crate, which I painted dark brown. I thought i would have to secure it somehow, but it was fine! You can use pliers to curve the pointy ends of the wire inward so they don’t poke anyone.


Now for the potion bottles. I created tags to stick onto the bottles, plus Snape’s phrases as little banners to stick into the cork stoppers. I printed them onto some off-white paper and cut out the shapes with scissors. Also included are some blank rectangular labels, in case you’d like to hand-write in your own potions.


I used repositionable adhesive because I want to be able to peel off the labels to reuse the bottles after Halloween.


I filled each test tube with some sparkly beads as my pretend potions (which are easily poured out when I reuse the test tubes). Then I stuck the potion labels onto the bottles.


And now for the banners. I twisted some craft wire, keeping one end long. I glued the twisted end to the back of the banners.


I poked a push pin into each cork stopper to form a hole, then I poked the wire through it.


All finished with my Harry Potter Potion Bottle Halloween Decor! Hope that Professor Snape likes them. Or at least I hope he doesn’t sneer at me in disgust!


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Happy Halloween everyone, and thank you Vanessa for having me on the blog today!

-Steph @ The Silly Pearl-

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