Sock Monkey Cake Smash

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Hold on to uteruses because you might just catch baby fever from the pictures I’m about to show you. When the fabulous Jen (of Green Apple Images) sent them to me, I just about died. I know I’m a little biased, but have you ever seen a cuter sock monkey? I think not. And boy does Jen know how to work that camera! Thanks a lot Jen, my uterus is now screaming at me to make another little sock monkey. Shut up uterus!Oh and you see that cake that Logan did a fabulous job of smashing? Well, I had planned on baking a non-dairy, gluten free, sugar free cake (because I’m a mean mom who won’t let her child have a little fun) but it turns out that I’m not so great at baking “healthy” cakes. My oven only bakes cakes full of sugar and calories. So, I let Logan partake in a little sugar consumption and he took one bite of it and looked at me like I fed him poop. I would say that he was switched at birth but I had him at home so I’m pretty sure he’s my kid. Oh child, you have no idea what you are missing out on. We’ll give it another go at his party next weekend.


Web-Sized032And because I know you want to know the details…
Flag Bunting by Blue Moon Studios
Sock Monkey Romper by 3 Lil Muses
Sock Monkey Diaper Cover by Gen-Y
Sock Monkey Hat by Nora & Finn
Sock Monkey by Terrace Hill



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