{Logan} Pumpkin Patch Then & Now

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Can someone please explain to me how this happened so quickly?

Logan at the pumpkin patch last year…


And this year…


He’s 15 months going on 15. This kid is going to be driving like tomorrow…and going to college…and getting married…GULP. He already knows how to use the credit card. No, really he does. When we were at the grocery store the other day he grabbed the card from my hand and swiped it in the credit card machine. Who the heck taught him that? Not his shopaholic mother, no sir. Despite teething molars from hell and a few terrible two previews, I have to say that I’m really loving this age. I still get excited every time he says mama and I secretly chuckle a little when he calls Mr. Crafty Nest by his first name (which I should probably correct hehe). Logan’s favorite thing at the moment, well pretty much since he was born, is reading books. Now he can leaf through the pages himself and he babbles like he’s reading the book to himself. Oh and being able to communicate with him through sign language totally rocks and has helped us avoid a few meltdowns. He now knows the signs for cat, banana, eat, water, milk, cracker and he just learned fish (like today). We’ve been eating a lot of bananas and crackers lately. We’re working on cereal, please and thank you at the moment. What more do you need to know in life?

My tiny 6lb baby has grown into a 28lb x 33in BOY…overnight. Someone invent a way to keep him little forever please.

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