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Hold the phone, I’m actually keeping up with a photo a day project! I attempted project 365 last year and while I got pretty far, I slacked off toward the end. The taking a picture part isn’t what’s hard for me, it’s the uploading and editing part that gets me. I think I still have my honeymoon photos on an old camera somewhere. Anyway, the awesome thing about this photo project started by fat mum slim is that you can take the pics on your phone and instantly upload to twitter, using the hashtag #FEBPHOTOADAY. Every day has a different photo theme and you only have to commit to a month, not 365 days. Anyone else doing this? You can still hop on the photo taking bandwagon or wait until the new March challenge comes out. Look me up on instagram (craftyvanessa) if you decide to do it so I can follow you!


Day 1: Your View Today – The hubs and I went out for sushi and this place has the best buffalo chicken rolls. They don’t sound good but they are soooo good, and so is that ginger salad that Rich is eating!

Day 2: Words – This was my book from my childhood, passed down to Logan. “I think I can, I think I can” has turned into my motto for 2012 (last year it was “this too shall pass”, do we see a survival theme here?).

Day 3: Hands – Oh how I love toddler dimpled hands! That would be his monkey “baby” he’s clutching on to, don’t you dare try to take it away from him.

Day 4: A Stranger – For those of you in the Phoenix area, you must check out Bookmans. They buy and sell used books. Now that I have a kindle, my paper books are just collecting dust. So, I boxed them all up (except for my Jane Austen books, those must be read in paper) and traded them in for board books for the kiddo. Good Night, Gorilla was a big hit with Logan.

Day 5: 10am – Technically 10:30am, we were at the park. Yes, that would be the lush grashy fields of the desert that Logan’s running on.

Day 6: Dinner – Logan’s din din consisted of tofu, cucumbers, grapes and a side of hummus. Clearly he doesn’t share my eating habits.

Day 7; Button – My beautiful button collection. A mix of new buttons and vintage buttons that my dad has found at yard sales.

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6 Responses

  1. I made it through Day 3….day 4 didn’t leave the house to see a stranger, day 5 forgot to check the theme until about 6pm…I’ll try again in March. 🙂 Love your photos. I’m a huge Instagram fan, must look you up.

  2. Definitely look me up on Instagram, I’d love to follow you! BTW I failed miserably at photo a day in January but I’ve been on a roll with February 🙂

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