(crafting on a dime) polka dot bottle vase

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 A big welcome to Sarah, half of the Pretty Providence blog team, to my blog for a new Crafting On A Dime post! If you’re a sucker for upcycling and polka dots, like I am, you’ll love this tutorial. After you’ve added polka dots to every bottle in your house, head on over the Sarah’s blog and make a pair of mint skinny jeans. Mint jeans are on my wish list, now I might just DIY.

Hey guys! I’m Sarah, I blog over at Pretty Providence. I am a happy married college student and I straight up love a good bargain. I especially love when I can make something pretty and barely pay anything. I am so excited to be a guest here on See Vanessa Craft, and share my latest easy, cheap DIY project with you!

I decided to make a polka dotted bottle vase because I love polka dots and can’t get enough of them lately. It was inspired by this Milk Jug. I saw it on Pinterest, wanted it, and then thought “I could just make that, and not pay for it.” Win-win. So I was able to do it at no cost to me since I just used things I already had at home. I will estimate what I paid for the materials though so that you all can see how cheap it would be even if you don’t have everything.


Glass Bottle .50 cents or $1 at thrift stores, or upcycle one you have left over from a drink (or in my case, brownie mix.)

White spray paint $3.75 at WalMart

Acrylic Paint (three colors at Hobby Lobby) $2.50

Pencil with unused eraser .25 cents

Very small paint brush or make-up brush you don’t use, for touch ups: .25 cents

A paper plate or regular plate covered in foil to pour your paint on and newspaper in case of accidents.

Total Project Cost: $7.50 at most!


Step 1: Clean your bottle and spray paint it white. Haven’t spray painted before? Just practice patience and do it in layers so the paint doesn’t drip. One coat, let it dry and repeat until you have your desired shade.


Step 2: Dip your eraser in the paint and dab it lightly on your palette so there isn’t a bunch of extra, and then carefully add a polka dot to your bottle. Repeat this process in the same color and then wash/wipe your eraser off and begin again with the next color until you have reached polka dotted perfection. I tried to take a picture of this step, but I don’t have three hands and almost dropped my camera in paint. Imagination will have to do for this step 🙂


Step 3: Touch up any spots that seem a little too see-through with your small brush.


Step 4: Add flowers, pens, pencils, or anything else you want to display. Hooray for polka dots!

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  1. How pretty. I have lots of glass jars that I could do this to. It makes me think of a grade school project I helped on where the kids were given a cup of “utensils” to use for stamping. The rule was No paint brushes. Lots of creative possibilities for this. Good job.

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