epic room makeover & my builder beige master bedroom & paint-phobic hubby

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The oh so fabulous Mandi of Vintage Revivals is currently hosting an Epic Room Makeover Giveaway, only one of the coolest things happening in blogland at the moment, and I want need to win! Why is a crafty blogger like me entering this giveaway, when I should be able to just do it myself, you ask? This man right here, Mr. Practical-Cheap Frugal-Hates Change (aka my hubby), is the reason why this creative blogger NEEDS to win this contest. Don’t let that cute picture fool you.

You see, I’ve been married to this wonderful, cheap, practical man for 5 years now he’s typically very supportive of my crazy crafting adventures. He just won’t budge when it comes to paint color or nailing things to the wall. The fact that I have the amount of photos and artwork hanging on our walls that I do now is a miracle and a huge compromise on his part (plus I did it while he was at work). He’s all about practicality and saving money. He’s all, “if we move, beige sells”. I get it and appreciate it, sorta, except we aren’t planning on moving anytime soon and I want to make our house a home!

I managed to get my husband to cave to my decorating demands back when we were planning Logan’s woodland creature nursery. I think it helped that I was very pregnant and extra hormonal. It’s by far my favorite room in our house and the ONLY room that doesn’t sport that awful builder beige paint color. He grumbled the entire time, but in the end he loved the outcome as much as me. I thought once he saw what I could do with a little paint and a nail gun, that he’d jump aboard the home makeover train. Not so much. He went right back to his Mr. Practical-Cheap Frugal-Hates Change ways, even more so, now that we had a baby to provide for. Can’t blame him.

After 5 years of reasoning, begging, bribing and decorating on the sly, my husband has FINALLY agreed to let me makeover our master bedroom. He just has one condition…I just have to win this contest. He has agreed to let Mandy and I do whatever in the heck we want to the master bedroom if I win. So, I’m turning to my amazing readers and begging you to help me win this contest so I’m not stuck living in builder beige for the rest of my life. Voting starts on the 7th over at Mandi’s blog and you better believe that I will be hitting you up for votes (I apologize in advance).

I thought I’d give you a little tour of my master bedroom, so hopefully you’ll pity me enough to vote for me. The bones are there, it just needs Mandy’s touch and a lot of paint to make it come to life. Yes, dear readers, I’m finally coming out of the closet…or master bedroom, in this case. This is the real reason why I have not given you a tour of my very builder beige home.

Did I mention that we have no comforter? Yeah, my husband’s lovely cat ruined it and so we are stuck with using a Lakers blanket. We aren’t Lakers fans. Speaking of his cat (we have 2 cats, the good one is mine), my husband insisted on that hideous cat tower you see in the corner of our room (Mandi, help?!). Notice the gigantic pet bed in the middle of the floor and the ugly IKEA chair, that has turned into a laundry basket. I swear, my husband loves his cat more than me. The 2 wedding pictures you see are the ONLY 2 pictures that hang on our walls (both hung while the nail-phobic hubby was at work). Oh and notice our awesome non-existent window treatments. And then we have that vinyl quote that says, “always kiss me goodnight”. I don’t know about your marriage, but after 5 years of marriage and 8 years of being together, we no longer buy into the “never go to bed mad” crap. Sleep can make a world of difference and that quote just annoys me now.

So there you have it. My very boring, very plain, very builder beige master bedroom that will stay that way unless if you guys vote for me! I would really love a bedroom that my husband and I both love hanging out in, our private toddler-free sanctuary. Right now, I really don’t like spending time in there unless I’m sleeping. That’s not what a room should feel like. I think that your mood totally reflects the space you live in. I would love to show my husband that a little paint and nails is nothing to be afraid of. So please, please, please, please, please vote for me. I would love you forever, even if I don’t always kiss you goodnight.

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5 Responses

  1. Well, I hate to say it: but I think you were tricked by your husband 😉 You should have an extra clause in your deal, like if you’re not winning you should get a consolation reno or something like that! Wish you all the best for the contest, even though I don’t think that this room is really bad – if you could just get rid of the Lakers blanket, everything will be fine! =)

  2. I lucked out and our house was nicely painted by the previous owners. When I moved in to hubby’s old house, EVERYTHING was still contractor beige. Once he sees it, he likes how it turns out. We’re just at opposite ends of the creativity spectrum. He can’t “see” something without it actually being right in front of his face, so telling him all of my makeover plans is like explaining theoretical physics to my 2 year old.

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