(20 crafty days of christmas) diy textured joy letters

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My pal Kelsey of Poofy Cheeks is here today, showing us how to make the most adorable textured decor letters. Kelsey just had a baby and I’m not quite sure where she finds time to craft, but I’m glad she did because I love this tutorial!

Hello and Happy Holidays! I always love guest posting over at See Vanessa Craft and today is no exception. I am Kelsey from Poofy Cheeks and I am a wife and mother to three. I had my daughter in November which makes me a mom to three children five and under. This means that the crafts I have been doing lately have to be super quick and easy because I never know when I might have to refill a sippy cup, change a dirty diaper, or help tie a shoe. Today I am sharing a tutorial on how to make textured word décor with paper mache letters.

For this project you will need:

  • Paper mache letters to spell your word (I purchase mine at Joann’s)
  • A glue gun
  • Spray paint in the color of your choice

DIY Textured Word Decor

DIY Textured Word Decor

For my word I choose ‘JOY’ because I wanted to use it as holiday décor. I lined my letters up on a table and figured out where I needed to glue them together to make one connected word. I hot glued the ‘J’ and ‘O’ together and then carefully glued the arm of the ‘Y’ to the ‘O’. Then I let it dry completely.

DIY Textured Word Decor

After the glue dried I then used my hot glue gun to make designs on the letters. I choose to do a different design on each letter but it would look neat to do the same texture across all of the letters too. There is no wrong way to do this part!

DIY Textured Word Decor

Once again I let the glue dry for a few minutes and then removed any hanging glue strings. I took my word outside to give it a coat of my metallic gold spray paint. The spray paint really brings out the texture of the glue design. (Hint: paint inside a box to reduce mess and keep the paint in one area)

DIY Textured Word Decor

This décor project is so easy that even a non-crafter could successfully do it! The project took me less than fifteen minutes and I could stop in between steps if I needed to.

DIY Textured Word Decor

Thank you for following along and if you get a chance please stop by to see how I use the same paper mache letters to make yarn wrapped letter décor.


Hi there! I am Kelsey from Poofy Cheeks, a blog where I share my creative ideas and recipes. You will find sections dedicated to crafts, printable freebies, and recipes. I grew up in a small town in Illinois and now live in Central Florida with my husband and three littles.

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