(20 crafty days of christmas) printable photo cube

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Lucy of Capture by Lucy is on the blog today and I just adore her. She’s as sweet as can be and super creative. I love that she decided to show us how to do a craft so near and dear to her heart. I’ll be making my photo cube today and filling it with Christmas memories.

My grandparents have always had a huge influence and been an inspiration to me. I vividly remember them keeping a perspex photo cube on their bedside table. The photographs they chose to display, completely summed up my childhood. Birthdays, afternoons in the garden and traditional British outfits – check out my cousins in their sailor suits!

Hand made photo cubes make great gifts at Christmas, or at any time of year! Fill the box with tissue and stash a little present inside. Perfect for table favours or a thank you for your children’s teacher.


  • Card – plain or patterned
  • Sticky tape
  • Photos cut to size (4.25cm by 4.25cm)
  • Embellishments, pens, stickers, glitter!


Step 1: Print

Step 2: Decorate

Step 3: Assemble using sticky tape

Step 4: Either cut out the photo squares and place your photos inside the cube or stick to the outer sides

Printable Photo Cube

You can also open the file in Photoshop and overlay your images to print straight onto the card.

Get your children involved and decorate them together.

My gift to you, a printable Photo Cube!

As my grandparents would say “Compliments of the Season!”

Hello there! I am Lucy and I live in the South West of England with my husband, 2 gorgeous boys and dogs Mabel and Moose. Capture by Lucy is my journey through motherhood armed with a lens, capturing the milestones and the magic moments in between, making the everyday extra special. My blog is my passion and my escape! You may also enjoy Vintage Annual Bunting, DIY Reindeer Food and Sparkler Writing. Thank you so much for having me, I am honoured!

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