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I’m excited to announce that I will be attending SNAP, a blog conference for creative bloggers, at the end of April! A huge, ginormous thank you to Fat Quarter Shop for partially sponsoring my trip to Utah. If you are a fabric junkie like me, you will LOVE this online fabric shop! You can see my fat quarter bundle choices HERE (yes, they match my blog). If you are attending SNAP, Fat Quarter Shop has a surprise in store for a couple of my new bloggy bff’s and you might want to follow me on twitter and instagram (just sayin’).

This is my 3rd blogging conference and I’m feeling a bit more in my element now that I know what to expect. I know I had no clue what to pack the first time around, so I thought I’d give the blog conference newbies a list of my top 10 items that should be in their blog conference bag. Let’s start packing!

1. Your camera. I’m still undecided if I’m going to bring my big clunker of a dslr camera. I took it to SNAP last year and was glad I did, but my iPhone can take decent pics and I don’t have to worry about lugging something so big and breakable around. Basically, just make you have something to capture all of those memories! There are a few hands on camera classes at SNAP being offered, so you may want to bring your big camera with you if you plan on attending those.

2. Your gadgets. Don’t forget your phone, laptop, iPad, etc. I usually take my iPad with me to the conference and leave my laptop in the hotel room for late night blogging. If you’ve never been around a group of bloggers before, you’ll quickly find that everyone will be on their phones – socially networking it up!

3. Chargers for your gadgets. Pack those chargers, you’ll definitely need them! You’ll probably lose phone battery halfway through the day and you’ll want to be able to plug in and recharge. If you have a portable charger device, now’s the time to break that baby in! You may want to attach washi tape or ribbon to all of your cords so you can easily tell which cord is yours.

4. Tons of business cards. Make those business cards unique so they stand out. I embellished mine last year with ric rac and buttons. Not sure what I’m going to do this year, but I better get on it! Some people will attach a small gift along with their business cards. I attached handmade jewelry to 20 of my business cards last year.

5. Pen and paper. I love my gadgets, but I’m an old fashioned pen and paper kinda gal when it comes to note taking. A plain composition book and colorful pens are my weakness. Plus, who doesn’t love doodling during class?

6. Snacks. This one is especially for my fellow preggos. If you are attending SNAP, your hotel will probably provide breakfast and SNAP will provide lunch and dinner. Those days can get long though, and you’ll want to have something little in your back to snack on if you need to.

7. Water bottle. Like I mentioned before, those days can get long and you’ll want to stay hydrated. You might just see me carrying around my new mason jar cup.

8. Lotion & hand sanitizer or essential oils. I always get sick at big conferences. Shaking hands or hugging equals germs. Keep those sickies at bay with some hand sanitizer or essential oils. I always like to have lotion with me too to keep my hands shakable.

9. Lip gloss. Anyone else out there with a lip gloss obsession? I can’t leave the house without it.

10. A cute cardigan. Those rooms can get CHILLY, so dress in layers and throw a cute cardigan in your bloggy bag just in case.

Will YOU be attending SNAP? I’d LOVE to meet you!!

A huge thank you to Fat Quarter Shop for partially sponsoring this trip!

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  1. Wish I could be at SNAP this year!! DS is right around the corner, so I’ll be following the activity from the safety of my laptop. May 16th will be here before we know it – can’t wait to meet my little man 🙂

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