(diy tutorial) diy baby memory box

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Hi friends! I’m Maria and I blog over at Craft Crazy Mom. I’m so glad to be helping out Vanessa as she savors those sweet newborn moments that seem to fade way too fast and gets some much deserved rest. Speaking of sweet newborn moments. I wanted to share a super simple craft that you can get your sweet little cherub involved in. A little DIY baby memory box to keep all your sweet mementos in.

DIY Baby Memory Box by CraftCrazyMom

Wooden Memory Box (I purchased a bunch a few years back from HERE)
Ceramic Tile
Ceramic/Glass Paint
E6000 (or similar) adhesive
A super sweet baby (I prefer mine extra chunky)

DIY Memory Box Materials


1. If you want to apply a finish or paint to your box, do so now. It’s been raining non stop and it’s extremely humid here, so I decided to nix finishing my box until it’s not so disgusting outside.

2. Brush the paint onto your baby’s hand or foot. **Feet are easier to do on tiny little ones.** Press their print firmly onto the tile and wipe any paint left on their skin IMMEDIATELY.

Tile Footprint

3. Decorate your tile and put any information about your cutie you’d like on there also. Wipe off any mistakes with an alcohol swap or hand sanitizer.

DIY Baby Memory Box Tile

4. Put your tile in a COOL oven. Bake at 325 for 45 minutes and turn the oven off after the time is up. Let the tile cool inside the oven. I left my tile in the oven for 4 hours. Not letting the tile heat up or cool slowly can make it crack.

5. Put some sort of strong adhesive down into your box so your tile stays in securely.

6. Put your little mementos into the box for safe keeping. Easy peasy.

I have to apologize for the botched footprint. My artistic skills are seriously lacking and my nearly eight month old was quite the squirmy assistant. He thought it was disco time and was too busy working on his John Travolta moves, so I had to start over twice.

*** If you prefer to use a different kind of paint (latex, acrylic, etc.), skip the baking step and seal it with a clear coat (Mod Podge,spray enamel, etc.) after the paint has dried. ***

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Thanks so much to Vanessa for having me! If you want to know more about me, my crafting/decor obsession, my life in Korea thanks to the US Navy or just want to be blends (blogging friends, it’s a real thing), come visit me at craftcrazymom.com.


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