amelia’s home birth story by her poppa

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This is Amelia’s home birth story from my husband’s perspective. I loved reading what he remembered and experienced versus what I did. I know she’ll cherish his words someday. Amelia’s totally got him wrapped around her little finger already! You can read his version of Logan’s home birth story here.

Amelia Elizabeth Ann Coppola was born on Sunday, July 21st, 2013 at approximately 7:31pm.

She was born at home, safely on our living room floor (Logan was born in our bedroom, on the bed, MUCH more comfortable right? Not so, says Momma Vanessa!).

This all started on the morning of July 21st. Around 9am, when Vanessa and I made a trip to Glendale for an appointment, Vanessa started to notice that she was having what felt like contractions – and these “contractions” where starting to feel like they were happening on a regular schedule! We initially were afraid, but calmed ourselves down knowing that Amelia had waited for 37 weeks at least, and she’d be officially considered a full-term baby. That helped us cope, but we knew she’d be arriving within hours…we just knew it.

We quickly drove home so I could send Vanessa to the bedroom to lay down, rest, and time contractions with the new iPhone app she downloaded to time contractions and track them.

Thank goodness her parents were already in town and watching Logan that day. They continued to help us there, while I had time to get out the new birthing pool we bought months earlier, along with the automatic air pump (yes, I filled up our last birthing pool with a FOOT pump, never again!).

Even with the auto-pump, it took an hour to setup the pool, and that doesn’t count filling it with warm water! Overall, it probably took 2 hours to get it fully ready for Vanessa to labor in. By the time it was ready, Mary Henderson had arrived along with Jen, her assistant. Mary is our midwife and a trusted friend since 2010 when we first met her prepping for Logan’s arrival. She is so sweet and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to home birth.

Once Mary assessed Vanessa and we determined that the contractions were close and regular, Vanessa got her bathing suit on and it was on to the pool (hurray! I wasted my time filling it up last time, as she never got in the pool).

Vanessa labored in the pool with Mary close by giving words of encouragement and regularly checking Vanessa and the baby. I’m not exactly sure how long she labored in the pool, but probably for about an hour or two. To me, it seemed like this laboring was more painful and uncomfortable for Vanessa than the last time. She wanted desperately to go to the bathroom, but Mary advised strongly against it (ie. she wasn’t going to let her, haha!) because if she pushed in the toilet, that baby would most likely go head first into the toilet, which is a no-no for obvious reasons.

Suddenly, Mary said she could see the baby was super close, so it was time for Momma to make the long trek from the pool to the bottom of the couch on a rug in our living room, padded with tons of towels and pillows for her head. Vanessa had to be super careful getting out of the pool and walk carefully and super slowly to the spot where Amelia would eventually arrive. Mary, Jen, and I helped Vanessa, each taking an arm or put a hand on her back to safely guide her.

Once Vanessa found a position to labor in, it wasn’t more than 5 minutes of pushing before Amelia had finally arrived! Vanessa seemed to have an easier time with pushing this time vs. last time with Logan. Maybe the hard floor helped vs. the soft bed? I’m not sure, but the pushing was much quicker this time.

Amelia’s head showed up, and Vanessa reached down to touch her head, something she was afraid of doing last time. So proud of her! Pop (me) touched Amelia’s head, too, as I did with Logan 3 years ago.

Finally, Amelia shot out like a bullet it seemed! She was tiny, slippery, very quiet, and a shade of blue. Mary assured us that once she takes her first breaths, she would start crying and she was right! We were so relieved! We waited for the blood to stop pumping before Jen clamped Amelia’s umbilical cord so that I could cut it. I always like that job! It’s neat to feel the blood pulsing so powerfully through the cord, giving Amelia her last bit of nutrients and nourishment from her Mom’s placenta.

Amelia is a such a beautiful child. She had enough straight, black hair to tie up, it seemed! Everyone was shocked at just how much hair she had. She had a gorgeous face for a newborn (I’m biased), and her fingernails looked so girly and pretty already! Everyone comments on them. She’ll have a ball once she’s ready for her first manicure with Momma.

Logan was with his grandparents at a hotel for the night, but we just had to call them over so he could come back and meet her, and sleep in his own bed. We missed him so much, but it was probably for the best that he not be in the house when Mom was laboring. The scary sounds and a couple of expletives here and there were not approved for the G-rated audience.

Logan loved Amelia right away, giving her kisses when he first met her.
Amelia, we love you Infinity my Darling. Welcome to the world.

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5 Responses

  1. I LOVED that you shared this special story with us, Vanessa, but it was SO awesome that your husband told his point of view!! And he isn’t biased! You have a beautiful newborn. I don’t particularly think newborns are very pretty, until they are a few weeks older. Once in awhile you will see a beautiful one, and she is so pretty! Her features are perfect and I love the hair! I am so happy that you had a safe labor and so much support, and that she is here healthy 🙂


  2. I can feel the love you have for your family and your new daughter. As a mom, it’s always nice to hear dad’s take on the L&D experience. Thanks for sharing.

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