(20 crafty days of halloween) dry erase treat jars

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Hey all you See Vanessa Craft readers!  I’m Liz from Lizzie Jane Baby and I’m so excited to be here today as part of 20 Crafty days of Halloween.  I was so excited that Vanessa asked me to participate again this year.  We are all in for some super spooky fun here for the next couple weeks.
Today I wanted to share with you an inexpensive and fun treat that you can give as gifts to teachers, friends or neighbors or as a fun party favor.  The best part about these Halloween Treat Jars is that the recipient can use them again and again for something other than Halloween.  Why?  Because I made the faces with dry erase markers!  Read along and I’ll explain.
 To make this project you will need the following items:
cute jars
treat to fill jar
dry erase or washable marker
First lets start with the jars.  I love the shape of these jars.  And the roundness automatically made me think of a pumpkin.  Perfect for Halloween.  I found these jars in 3 different stores.  They all cost about $1 a piece.
After spending time going through bags of m&m’s to get the right colors, I filled my jars.
I decided to try using 2 different types of markers on these for the faces.  I just happen to have a package of washable markers (which are the only way to go with toddlers) and wanted to see how both the washable and dry erase marker would work on these jars.
 I drew a face on each of the jars.


 I used the dry erase for the ghost and for BIG green in the back.  Here’s a close up.
 I used the washable marker on the pumpkin.
I think they turned out pretty cute for a little free hand drawing.  Plus if I messed up, I just erased and started over!  This would be a fun project to get the kids to help with too.
Once the treats are gone the jars are easily washed off and can be used for another treat or to hold buttons, tacks, spices or anything!  It’s a perfect gift that your friend/neighbor/teacher can use all year and not just for one holiday.  I love things that I can reuse over and over.
They even look cute with one of these free tags attached to it!


I hope you will give your dry erase markers a try and free hand some fun halloween characters on your glass jars.  Thanks for having me Vanessa.  It’s always a ton of fun!
Happy Halloween!
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