5 family fun night ideas and velata fondue giveaway

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I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Sometimes it’s tough being a big brother. Going from an only child to all of a sudden having to share your parents with a baby that you can’t even play with yet, beyond a game a peek-a-boo. Logan has done a fabulous job in his new role and seeing him with Amelia melts my heart. I think my mama guilt gets to me sometimes when I can’t always give him the one on one time that we once had and truthfully I sometimes miss those days. Of course, Amelia has us wrapped around her little pinky and it’s amazing how your heart can double in size when you have another child, but sometimes big brother needs our undivided attention. So, being the horribly mean parents we are, we fed Amelia some green beans and sent her to bed while the rest of us stayed up to enjoy Velata chocolate fondue and a movie (did I mention that she’s only 6 months old lol?) as a special at home family Valentine’s Day celebration.

You guys know that I just can’t put out some fruit and call it a day, I had to have a theme for our little party – RAINBOWS! Perfect for Valentine’s Day or even St. Patrick’s Day. Logan got to help me pick out the fruit for our rainbow fondue party and we decided on strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries and purple grapes, arranged in rainbow order. If you have a kid that hates fruit or veggies, try displaying them in rainbow order and I bet you that they’ll at least try them. We also added in some “cloud” marshmallows and cinnamon graham crackers, because they are just yummy dipped in chocolate. My favorite were the chocolate dipped pineapples, soooo good!

And can we talk about how awesome the Velata fondue warmer is?! It makes fondue so easy and looks cute while doing it. If you are planning on hosting a larger gathering, Velata totally has you covered with their party sized warmers. How fun would it be to have a fondue station at your next party or even in lieu of a cake?! We got to try the premium belgian milk chocolate with raspberry flavoring and it was delish! Velata has a bunch of different chocolates and mixables that we can’t wait to try! And yes, they also sell fondue cheese and this cheese loving girl is so there! Scroll down for a chance to win some Velata of your own!

I love our special family nights in, they are memories in the making. These are the moments that Logan will remember growing up and I hope he remembers feeling special and loved. Here are some other ideas for creating your own special family memories at home:

1. Fondue night. Who doesn’t love chocolate covered fruit?

2. Movie night in. Grab your family’s favorite blu-ray, pop some popcorn and enjoy!

3. Homemade pizza night. Let your little ones pick out the veggies they want on their pizza, they’ll love it!

4. Game night in. Grab a board game or break out the Kinect for a fun night in.

5. Craft night in. Gather up some supplies from your local craft store and get crafty as a family!

Want to win some Velata?

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