(recipe) one fish, two fish chocolate covered popcorn

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Dr. Seuss’ birthday is on March 2nd and we crafted up something fishy to celebrate. One of our favorite Dr. Seuss books is One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. I’ve read it so many times that I practically have it memorized. So, we created One Fish, Two Fish chocolate covered popcorn for the occasion! This treat is super easy to make and your kiddos can help. How fun would this be for a Dr. Seuss themed party or a movie night?! You can put your popcorn in little kraft bags and add the famous Dr. Seuss stripes to them with washi tape.


1 Popped Bag of Microwave Popcorn
1 Cup Red Chocolate Candy Melts
1/2 Cup Red Swedish Fish
1/3 Blue Sprinkles
(you’ll also need parchment paper, paper tubs, cellophane wrap and ribbon)

Directions: Pop the popcorn according to package. Spread out popcorn on a piece of parchment paper, removing any remaining seeds. Melt red chocolate candy melts in microwave in 30 second intervals, mixing in between, until melted. Be careful not to over-melt or your chocolate will be clumpy and unusable. Drizzle the chocolate over the popcorn using a fork. Place sprinkles over the popcorn. Allow to dry and harden. Sprinkle red Sweedish fish over the popcorn. Enjoy!

While you enjoy this One Fish, Two Fish treat, you can do a Lorax inspired game with your kids.


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