(kid craft tutorial) foam purse

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Craft Foam Purse

Hello again everyone. Steph from Crafting in the Rain visiting with another fun kids craft. Are your kids fascinated with your purse and love being able to carry around their own little toys? I’m going to show you how we made some purses from craft foam so they can have their very own. They are super easy to make and your kids will have fun too!

Craft foam sheets
Bakers twine or yarn
Hole punch
Stickers, buttons, glue, or other items to decorate your purse

Craft Foam Purse

Start by folding the craft foam in half (top to bottom) and punch 7 holes on each side (from the fold to the top) When opened, each side will have 14 holes.

Cut a piece of twine 4 feet long.

Fold the foam in half and start with the bottom (near the fold) left hole. Tie the end in a knot through the first hole. Then start lacing the twine up the side. Tie another knot when you get to the top hole.

Craft Foam Purse

Loop the rest of the twine over the top of the purse to make the strap, and adjust the length down the right side of holes so that about 4 inches of string go past the bottom. Notice where the string meets the top right hole and tie a knot through that first hole. Then lace down the right side and tie a knot again in the bottom hole.

Secure ends of twine with glue or hot glue to prevent fraying, if desired.

Craft Foam Purse

Now it’s time to decorate the purse. Use all kinds of stickers and embellishments to change the look of each purse. Tacky glue or hot glue will both work well. Of course supervise kidswith glue, and adults only should use the glue gun.

Craft Foam Purse

Finally, let the kids fill up their purses with all their treasures, any maybe they’ll leave yours alone…for a day or two!

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