(30 crafty days of halloween) 3 minute halloween skull banner

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Raise your hand if you love EASY Halloween decorating ideas. I mean, I love a super in-depth and complicated project as much as the next crafty lady, but sometimes you just need something you can whip up in 3 minutes flat and only a few bucks. This skull banner is the perfect way to do that.

I found these felt skulls at Dollar Tree so I picked up 3 white ones and 2 black along with a roll of orange ribbon.

At home I laid out the skulls and cut a piece of ribbon long enough to cover all of them. At this point you could hot glue the skulls onto the ribbon, but we’re going for super-speed crafting here, so I just clipped each one with a clothes pin. Then it’s easy to take apart later if I want to.

And that’s seriously it! Just find a place to hang it up and you’re done…party backdrop, over your front door, or on the fence. I actually don’t know how this would hold up in any rain, but it was certainly a great spot to take the pictures!

For something a little more involved, check out the tutorial for my Halloween door sign.

So I’m curious, do you usually end up doing really involved holiday projects or more fast and simple ones?

Stephanie lives in the Northwest with her husband and their three children where she is actively involved in church and PTO activities. She loves a good book, good chocolate, and good food — though usually that means it was cooked by someone else. She’s been creating since she was little, trying out everything from cross stitch and stamps to watercolor and sewing. Currently spread across her desk these days you will usually find vinyl, pretty paper, washi tape and paint. She blogs at Crafting in the Rain.

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