(craft tutorial) pine cone door decor

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Are you a Fall fanatic like I am? I have lived in Arizona all of my life so I feel like Fall is the ultimate reminder of the greatest reason to love living here. The promise of cooler, but not freezing weather! When I think about Fall I think of family and tradition and well Christmas shopping season. However, before jumping into the crazy busy of the Christmas season I wanted to bring in some of those lovely natural shades of Fall to our home décor and what better place to start than the front door. So I came up with this adorable pine cone door décor.

To make your own pine cone door décor you will need pinecones, twine, burlap and hot glue. I used four very large pine cones that I grabbed on our summer vacation in Lake Tahoe but this would also be super cute with a bunch of small pine cones too. I also contemplated painting the edges of the pine cones but my husband didn’t want me to paint the precious Lake Tahoe pine cones, haha.

First, you’re going to take a section of twine and wrap it around towards the top of the smaller end and secure with a knot. You will repeat this step for all of your pine cones. After securing the twine tightly you can cut the short end off. Next, cut an inch wide length of burlap. Tie into a bow and cut off the ends at an angle. To make a hook, I took an additional piece of burlap about a half an inch wide and I secured using hot glue and then spun it so the glued part wouldn’t be seen.

Next, you’ll need to gather all the pine cones on the twine and arrange the way you would like for them to hang and secure by a knotting the twine.

Then push the knot of twine through the back part of the burlap bow, tie the twine ends into a knot and trim off the excess.

Hang on your door and enjoy the nice, natural colors of Fall.

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