Recipe: Lime JELL-O Salad

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Lime Jello Salad for St. Patrick's Day

by: Jennifer Dawn for See Vanessa Craft

Finding new recipes to try is fun, but it is the collection of recipes that have been handed down to me that I love the best.

This recipe for Lime JELL-O Salad was given to my grandmother from my Great Aunt Virginia. Mammaw’s love for this sweet treat turned it into a tradition for our family. It’s scrumptious, so I was never surprised by her fondness for it. Though I’ve sometimes wondered if the facts that her birthday was on St. Patrick’s Day and her favorite color was green contributed to why she frequently pulled out the double-boiler to mix this yummy concotion up. She eventually shared the recipe with my mother who began making it each year around the holidays. My mother handed the recipe down to me, and I’ve already made it several times with my own children. That’s already a lot of passing down, but now I want to share it with you…

Lime Salad–Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

1 cup milk
16 large marshmallows
3 oz. lime JELL-O (You can also use strawberry JELL-O if you’d prefer a Strawberry Salad.)
3 oz. cream cheese (softened)
1 medium can of crushed pineapple (Do not drain.)
1 pack Dream Whip (whipped topping that you mix up from a powdered pack)
1 tbsp. mayonnaise (I sometimes use Miracle Whip.)
1 cup walnuts

Lime Jello Salad for St. Patrick's Day

DIRECTIONS: Place marshmallows and milk together in the top of a double-boiler. If you do not have a double-boiler, a medium-sized pot inside a larger pot will work. Pour water into the bottom of the double-boiler. If you are using pots, pour water into the bottom of the larger pot. As the water heats up and boils, the marshmallows in the top will begin to melt. Once they are melted, stir in the packet of JELL-O and softened cream cheese. Mix the ingredients together and remove from heat. Add the crushed pineapple. Mix up the Dream Whip in a separate bowl. Fold it into the other mixture. Add mayonnaise and nuts. Pour it into a mold. I use a glass 9 by 9 inch pan. Chill it for several hours before slicing and serving. Enjoy!

Lime Jello Salad for St. Patrick's Day Lime Jello Salad for St. Patrick's Day

Jennifer is a wife, mommy, and former teacher who left the classroom to stay home with her three little ones. She’s an avid crafter who loves to dapple in all things creative. Through blogging she’s found a way to share her love of craftiness and spread a little happiness. She blogs at The Life of Jennifer Dawn.

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