Halloween: Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters

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30 Crafty Days of Halloween

Hi there, I’m Havalah! I blog over at Sisters, What! and love eating burritos. That’s the most important thing you need to know about me ; ). Actually I love my family and I love to create just about anything. Oh and I love Harry Potter. Which is why I’m sharing with you today my Monster Book of Monsters. 
I initially made this for my mother in law. She too loves Harry Potter (even more than me) so I knew she would be the perfect gift for her birthday. It was surprisingly easy to make and I even used an old Harry Potter book as the inside. The tongue and teeth are probably my favorite details. The teeth were actually easy to make because they didn’t need to be perfect (what monster has a dental plan?? None that I know of).  
  How to Make a Monster book of Monsters
Sculpey clay (or other clay works too) in red and white
old book
1/4 of a yard furry fabric (joanns with 50% off coupon)
4 Cat eyes (got those at Joanns too)
For the tongue I made it long and skinnier towards the tip. Then I split the tip so it looked snake like. I then took a knife and added a line down the middle of the tongue and some lines along side it to make it hairy like. Also place it in your book in the middle and mold it according. Then cook.  After I cooked it, I placed it in the book again. I didn’t like the pages sticking up so I cut a spot out of the pages so it fit in nicely. I also added modge podge to the tongue.  

 Teeth and Mouth

I kind of just winged this part (like I said, this is a monster’s mouth) and started sculpting the clay until it looked like a jaw. Then I added squished onto the red jaw part triangle teeth. The teeth were super easy to make because they needed to look gruesome so they didn’t have to be at all perfect. I then placed both set of teeth on the book as I would want them and then molded it in place. Then I cooked it in the oven at that shape. I then added modge podge to give it a shiny finished look.

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