Halloween: Target Dollar Bin Tea Towel Pillows

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30 Crafty Days of Halloween

Hello there!! My name is Mandy and I blog over at The Hankful House. I am so glad to be here and participating in Vanessa’s 30 Crafty Days of Halloween. I have seen some amazing projects this year! Thank you all for letting me share mine too! So Target has this area… you might have heard of it. The Dollar Bin. It grabs me right when I walk through the door and fall in love with everything. Some trips to Target I try to run past it so I don’t purchase everything but this particular trip I couldn’t pass up. Target had these adorable Halloween tea towels for $3.00- I fell in love with them. I have made some tea towel pillow covers in the past but these towels were a little small so I decided to get a little creative.


Luckily I had some spare black and white fabric in my fabric bin, so I cut out the Trick or Treat embroidery patch and sewed in on the front panel of my pillow. Now, the reason I make envelop pillow covers is because I don’t ever have to deal with a zipper, I can change them out easier and frankly I am not the best sewer so this is easy for me.


The second tea towel I was able to cover a smaller pillow but I wanted to add something to the front- I traced some cute BOO letters and painted them with some craft paint.


Let me try to explain as much as I can on the envelope pillow cover. Also if you need more explanation you can view more pillows I made here and here. You will have 2 panels with your fabric. Your first panel will be 1 inch wider on every side than your pillow. So if your pillow is 19×19 inches you will cut the first panel at 20×20 inches. The second panel will be 1 inch wider on the width but the length you will cut 4 inches longer than the pillow. So the 2nd panel will be 20×23 inches. The second panel you will cut in half. You will lay the 2 pieces of the 2nd panel face down on the 1st panel that is facing up. So the outside of the fabric will be outwards. (hopefully that makes sense) On the 2nd panel you will sew the seem that is facing outwards just to make it pretty.


Here is an idea of what the back will look like- one side of the panel has a seem, the other side doesn’t need it since it will be underneath and not showing.


The back panel overlapping makes for easy switch out each season.


Here are the finished pillows, they only cost me $3.00- what a great addition for Halloween this season!! And easy on my wallet too!


Thank you again for letting me share my project with you today!! If you would like to stop by to check out a few more Halloween projects on my blog, be sure to check out these which are some of my favorites!


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