Craft: Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece

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PumpkinCenterpiece copy

Here’s an easy pumpkin centerpiece idea for you, perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving! I recently hosted a pumpkin themed baby shower for my friends and this is what I made to decorate the tables. I could also see these centerpieces being used for a Fall wedding on the cocktail tables! I loved how they turned out and now I get to use them for my Thanksgiving table and to decorate my porch for Fall! You can place them on top of a slice of wood, found at most craft stores, or right on the tables. Happy pumpkin crafting!


Pumpkin (faux or real)
Flowers (faux or real)
Floral Foam
Ribbon (optional)

Pumpkin_Centerpiece_1 copy

Step 1: Use a knife to carve a 4-5 inch circle off the top of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin_Centerpiece_2 copy

Step 2: Place a piece of floral foam inside of the pumpkin and stack another piece on top, so most of the pumpkin is filled with foam.

Pumpkin_Centerpiece_3 copy

Step 3: Cut the floral stems down to fit inside of the pumpkin. Starting in the middle, arrange 6-8 floral stems in the foam until the top of the pumpkin is covered in flowers.

Pumpkin_Centerpiece_4 copy

Step 4: You can add ribbon to the pumpkin or leave it plain. Display as a table centerpiece or as porch decor!

Pumpkin_Centerpiece_5 copy

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