Party: Let It Snow Hot Coco Bar

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Hot Cocoa Bar Winter Party

My son woke up the other morning, ran into our room and declared, “it’s cold mama, time for hot coco!” Luckily he waited until 7am to do this, so I was more likely to entertain this idea. . . had it been 6am, he may have gotten a different reaction. You see, he knows, once he can feel a chill in the air, and he sees frost on the grass outside, it is indeed hot coco weather! Hooray!

Let It Snow Hot Coco Bar

I used my son’s love for hot coco as inspiration, and created a Let it Snow Hot Coco Bar. Let me tell you, this bar was a huge hit, and would be perfect for a playdate, Christmas morning, or just as a fun surprise on a cool morning. First I choose a color palette of ice blue, gold, and silver. I used a tassel banner I already had for another project and layered a snowflake banner I found at Target over it. Then I wrote on a glitter chalk board frame, “let it snow,” to set the mood of the party.

Hot Coco With Whipped Cream In Mason Jars

It wouldn’t be a hot coco party without hot coco and whipped cream. I love the mason jars with a handle that are easy for kids to grab.

Hot Coco Bar with Donut Snowmen Pops

Donut Snowman Pops Made With Mini Powdered Donuts

Since the theme of the party revolved around snow, I felt it was only appropriate to have snowmen donut pops as the focal point. Simply skewer mini powdered donuts, use orange Starburst for a nose, and pipe on eyes and a mouth. I tried to use mini chocolate chips as the eyes and mouth, but they would not stick. To display these snowmen, I used a plastic flower planter spray painted silver and styrofoam so the snowmen would stand up straight.

Snowflake Cupcakes Displayed On DIY Cake Stand

Snowflake Cupcakes on Snowflake Cake Stand

I made snowflake cupcakes, but these could easily be substituted for muffins if you were looking for something a bit healthier. I used a candle stick from the Goodwill that I spray painted gold and a snowflake platter from Ikea to make a festive cupcake stand.

Winter Hot Coco Bar with Tassle and Snowflake Banner

This hot coco bar would be the perfect addition to any of your winter get together! Cheers!

For more party inspiration follow me over at Mindy Alyse Celebrations.

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