Party: Minions Hot Cocoa Bar

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Minions Birthday Party Ideas

My kids are obsession with the Minions movie and I thought it’d be a nice surprise to plan a minion inspired movie night, complete with a hot cocoa bar. I dressed them in their minions pajamas (I need to post a picture of this cuteness) and we sipped hot cocoa and watched the DVD for the millionth time. I could just have a regular hot cocoa bar. I stepped it up a few notches with my minions hot cocoa recipe and a hot cocoa bar, where they could add mix-ins to their drink. It’s so fun seeing how excited they get over a themed movie night! I definitely need to do this more often. 

Minions Hot Cocoa Bar 2 copyMinions Movie Night 5 copy

For our minions hot cocoa bar, I knew I needed minions inspired spoons for stirring! They were so easy to make, simply dip blue spoons in melted yellow chocolate melts and add edible eyeballs. Allow them to dry and you have the perfect minion spoon for hot cocoa drinking! You can find both the edible eyeballs and chocolate melts in most baking supply or craft stores.

Minions Hot Cocoa Bar 3 copy Minions Hot Cocoa Bar 1 copy

While I had out the yellow chocolate melts, I decided to dip a few marshmallows in the melted chocolate and top with sprinkles. I love how colorful they turned out and everything is better covered in sprinkles, right? I found blue and yellow, moon and star shaped sprinkles that reminded me of bananas. Perfect for minions, who love bananas!

Minions Hot Cocoa Bar 4 copyMinions Hot Cocoa Bar 7 copy

Our mix-ins for the night, aside from the chocolate covered marshmallows, included white chocolate chips and lots of sprinkles. I also put out edible eyeballs and graham crackers (for dipping). The kids thought it was the coolest thing being able to make their own special drink in fancy cups with sprinkles on the rim! 

Minions Hot Cocoa Bar 5 webMinions Movie Night 9 copyMinions Hot Cocoa Bar 6 copy

The decor was kept super easy, just a fabric garland in minion colors and kraft paper on a kid-sized table. My go to decor for a simple themed party! Oh and I threw in a few little minion figurines that we already had. Now go plan your own minion themed movie night with these simple ideas. This would make for a fun birthday party theme too! Poopaye! 

Minions Hot Cocoa Bar 8 copyMinions Movie Night 8 copy

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