Kid-Friendly: Spring Cleaning Dice Game

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I’m sharing a printable spring cleaning dice game for kids as part of a sponsored post for Kimberly-Clark and The Motherhood. #SpringClean16 #Walmart

Spring Cleaning Dice Game Hero copy

It’s time for Spring Cleaning and it’s a family affair around here! I’ll let you in on a sneaky little secret on how I manage to clean my house with a toddler and preschooler around. I get them in on the action and they actually LOVE it. I created a fun dice game, so they can clean along with me instead of making more messes for me to clean up (because that’s what toddlers and preschoolers do). They are so into it, they ASK to play the cleaning game almost daily. Household chores are a wonderful way to teach children practical life skills and fine motor skills. I recommend keeping the task age or skill level appropriate and keeping things positive. Happy cleaning! 


Printable Dice
Double Sided Tape
Cleaning Supplies 


Step 1: Head to Walmart and stock up on all your spring cleaning necessities! Viva® Big Roll Paper Towels, Cottonelle® Toilet Paper Double Rolls and Scott® 1000 Bathroom Tissue all got put in my cart. Viva Vantage has a scrubby texture (perfect for shining stainless steel appliances and glassware) and Viva Towels are super soft (perfect for dusting baseboards and furniture), both are very durable. Cottonelle has CleanRipple Texture, which basically means it rocks at cleaning! Scott® 1000 bathroom tissue is our go to brand that’s long lasting and high quality.

Cleaning Dice Game for Kids10Cleaning Dice Game for Kids9K-C Spring Cleaning Shopping List (Pinterest)_FINAL

Step 2: Print out the free dice printable.

Cleaning Dice Game for Kids copy

Step 3: Cut the dice out and fold along the dotted lines. Put the dice together using double sided tape or glue.

Cleaning Dice Game for Kids1copyCleaning Dice Game for Kids2 copy

Step 4: Gather your cleaning supplies and get ready to roll the dice!

Cleaning Dice Game for Kids7 copy

Step 5: Take turns rolling the dice and direct your child to the task that the dice lands on. You can adjust the chores depending on the child’s age. You can set a timer for each task, so the kids fully complete a chore before moving on to the next dice roll. Sometimes I’ll award my kids with stickers or those temporary tattoos after every completed task. Make it fun, age appropriate and don’t expect perfection! Many toddlers and preschoolers can put away toys (make sure to sing a clean up song with them), dust, sweep and water plants. Older children might be able to vacuum, load the dishwasher and fold laundry.

Cleaning Dice Game for Kids4 copyCleaning Dice Game for Kids5 copy

Step 6: As your kiddos are occupied, you can get some heavy spring cleaning done! I have to admit, the dice rolling is even fun for adults!

Cleaning Dice Game for Kids11 copyK-C Spring Cleaning Infographic (Pinterest)_FINAL

How do you make cleaning fun in your household? 



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