6 Fun Facts About The Step2 Company

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I’m a Step2 Brand Ambassador and this trip was paid for by Step2. All opinions are mine. #Step2Kids #Step2Ambassador

 6 Fun Facts About Step2

For the past 3 years, I’ve been fortunate to be able to call myself a Step2 Ambassador. Each year I’ve gotten to visit the headquarters and tour the factory in Ohio and each year I walk away with a newfound appreciation for this company. They truly care about their customers. They spend a good amount of time picking our brains while the ambassador team is there, looking for any improvements that they can bring to the company and their products. They amount of consideration and care that goes into every single toy is incredible. I was a Step2 customer before I became an ambassador and I will be one long after.  

Step2 Factory

This year the ambassador team got to do what very few people have ever done. We geared up in a hardhat, safety goggles and gloves to make our very own custom KidAlert and Pup. I’ve been blessed with some pretty cool opportunities through blogging, but this is near the top of my list! I’m obsessed with those How Did Make That? shows, so I was pretty giddy about this! I got to pour the resin into the molds, unclamp the chains of the machine and peel off my KidAlert from the mold after it was finished. Of course, my KidAlert colors of choice were pink and yellow! It was fun to experience up close and I just know my son would have loved seeing all of the big machinery. 

KidAlert and Pup 1 copy

On this year’s trip, I learned a few interesting facts about The Step2 Company that I thought you’d enjoy. Here are 6 Fun Facts about this awesome company:

Fun Fact 1: Step2 began operations in 1991 with five employees and has grown to over 800 full-time employees, all in the U.S. 

Fun Fact 2: The Step2 Extreme Coaster takes 20 minutes to make, from start to finish. 

Fun Fact 3: Step2 produces over 4 million toys and mailboxes each year! 

Fun Fact 4: 80% of the materials used by Step2 are sourced within a 100 mile radius of their headquarters.

Fun Fact 5: 10% of the materials used by Step2 are sourced within a 700 mile radius of their headquarters.

Fun Fact 6: Caila Quinn, daughter of Step2’s CEO, was the 3rd runner up on ABC’s The Bachelor. While filming, Caila and Ben designed a playhouse together at Step2 headquarters. 

KidAlert and Pup 3 copy

Read more about Step2 in my behind the scenes posts: 2014 visit and 2015 visit. What’s your favorite Step2 toy?

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