Halloween: Printable Lunchbox Jokes

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Welcome to 30 Crafty Days of Halloween! This Halloween lunchbox joke printable is part of our guest blogger series. Make sure to check out all of our Halloween Tutorials for more inspiration! 

Hi I’m Ashley from My Craftily Ever After and I’m super excited to be here with YOU! I’ve got some hilarious Halloween jokes to share with you today. I tested them out on my kids earlier this week and they were rolling on the floor, so consider yourself warned!


First off, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. When else do you get to pretend to be someone you’re not, without anyone judging you! Like my 4 year old would say, “best day ever!” I’m also a huge fan of cheesy jokes and sometimes my humor matches the middle school kids I teach. Okay, maybe more than sometimes.

This year has been a little different for my family, I switched schools to be closer to home and I am now lucky enough to have time in the morning to pack my kids a lunch before school. This means that I have the added responsibility of trying to live up to those Pinterest perfect moms and those too cute to eat lunches! Instead of stressing myself out each and every day I went ahead and pulled out some of the cheesiest jokes I could think of and decided that hitting the print button was waaaay more my speed.


So if you’re like me and you just can’t handle adding one more thing to your morning routine, but you want to be the “cool” mom just download these Halloween lunch box jokes and slip them in your kid’s lunch box before rushing them out the door. I guarantee your kids will laugh, their friends will laugh and you will most definitely be the cool mom!


And, if you’re looking for some more quick and easy ways to feel like a rock star you should check out my super simple fall wreath, printable chore punch cards, s’mores no bake snack bites, or my printable potion jar labels!




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