Recipe: Lost in Oz Yellow Mason Jar Cupcakes

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This Lost in Oz Yellow Brick Lane Cupcake Jar post is in partnership with Amazon Kids. #LostInOz

Lost in Oz Yellow Cupcake Mason Jars copy

I’ve always adored the Oz Series by L. Frank Baum and was excited to learn that the new Amazon Original Kids series Lost in Oz (now available on Prime Video), is modern take on that beloved classic.  The new Amazon Kids series follows the magical adventures of Dorothy and Toto as they find themselves lost in the spectacular and peculiar land of Oz. They are joined by new friends and face unexpected enemies in this fun and exciting show.


This new series is a family favorite around here. I love that it pays homage to the original stories. Dorothy’s shoes in Lost in Oz are in the iconic blue and white gingham pattern and instead of the yellow brick road, there is a train system called the yellow brick line. Of course, I just had to bake up a batch of “yellow brick line” inspired cupcakes to enjoy while watching Dorothy acquire every element on Oz’s “periodic table of magic” – the only way she can get home! You might want to make an extra batch of frosting, it’s that good! 



Yellow Cake Mix Box (+ eggs, vegetable oil, water)
2 Cream Cheese Packages (8oz)
8 Tbsp Butter
1 Tbsp Vanilla
3 Cups Powdered Sugar

You’ll also need: half pint mason jars, cupcake liners, cupcake pan, knife, piping bag, cupcake topper printable, 2 inch hole punch, toothpicks, hot glue, gingham ribbon, scissors and double sided adhesive. 


Step 1: Make the yellow cupcakes according to the cake mix box, in individual cupcake wrappers. 

Lost in Oz Cupcake Jars 1 copy

Step 2: While the cupcakes are baking, prepare the frosting. Whip the cream cheese and butter together until smooth. Add in the vanilla and one cup of powdered sugar at a time until fully mixed. Place in a piping bag. 

Lost in Oz Cupcake Jars 2 copy

Step 3:  Allow the cupcakes to fully cool before unwrapping and cutting in half. You’ll need 1 1/2 cupcakes per jar. 

Lost in Oz Cupcake Jars 3 copy

Step 4: Layer pieces of cupcake in between piped layers of cream cheese frosting. Three layers of each should fit perfectly.

Lost in Oz Cupcake Jars 4 copy

Step 5: Print out the Lost in Oz cupcake toppers. Use a 2 inch hole punch to cut out the circles and attach each circle to a toothpick using hot glue. 

LOZ Cupcake Toppers UpdatedLost in Oz Cupcake Jars 5 copy

Step 6: Attach a piece of gingham ribbon around each jar, using double sided adhesive.

Lost in Oz Cupcake Jars 10 copy

Step 7: Stick a cupcake topper in each jar.

Enjoy while watching Lost in Oz on Prime Video, a premium on-demand entertainment service that offers families the greatest choice in what to watch, and how to watch it.

The series is available to stream exclusively for Prime members via the Amazon Prime Video app for TVs; connected devices, and online. The best part? Prime members can also download the series to mobile devices for offline viewing at no additional cost! Browse all the Amazon Original Kids Series at

Lost in Oz Cupcake Jars 9 copyLost in Oz Cupcake Jars 7 copy

Check out the trailer:


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