Halloween: Outdoor Patio Decoration Ideas

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This Halloween patio makeover post is in partnership with At Home Stores. All opinions are mine. #AtHomeStores #AtHomeFinds

Pumpkin: Stages of Halloween Pumpkin Being CarvedHalloween Patio Decoration Ideas

Halloween is my most favorite holiday and I’m counting down the days! I’ve always enjoyed the costumes, decorations and treats. I stopped by my local At Home store, my favorite place for holiday decorating on a budget, and picked up a few new decorations to transform my patio for Halloween. If you’re a planner, they also have out their Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. I also picked up a few home decor items for my daughter’s new big girl room makeover. So much cuteness!

Halloween Patio Makeover 13 copy Halloween Patio Makeover 15 copy

The first thing that caught my eye were the black and white, fabric pumpkins. Aren’t they darling?! I knew I’d be going with a black and white, and not so spooky Halloween theme after I added them to my cart. At Home had plenty of spooky too, if that’s your thing. My 4 year old would agree that we both prefer the cuter side of Halloween, with a touch of (friendly) spiders thrown in for my 7 year old. At Home also had the cutest burlap pumpkins that are on my wish list for Thanksgiving.

Halloween Patio Makeover 14 copyHalloween Patio Makeover 4 copyHalloween Patio Makeover 12 copy

The white wicker chair also came from At Home and makes the space feel much more homey. By simply adding a couple pillows to the chair, I can decorate the space for any holiday. Speaking of pillows, At Home has rows and rows (and rows) of pillows. They are all organized by color, which makes my color coordinating heart so happy. Love the sequin BOO pillow that I found there! I love how something as simple as pillows can totally transform a space.

Halloween Patio Makeover 8 copyHalloween Pumpkin Topiary 1 copyHalloween Patio Makeover 7 copy

While shopping for chairs, I spotted a black planter that I knew would make a great base for my DIY pumpkin topiary. It turned out super cute and it only required a little hot glue, a feathered boa and some faux pumpkins. It’s the perfect size to cover an ugly electrical outlet box. My new holiday welcome mat is also from At Home. They had so many to pick from, it was a tough decision. I went with the welcome, the witch is in mat. It matched my color scheme perfectly!

Halloween Patio Makeover 3 copyHalloween Patio Makeover 2 copyHalloween Patio Makeover 6 copy

I had planned on making a long and tall Halloween sign, but At Home had the perfect sign ready to purchase (and probably cheaper than it would cost me to make it)! I love how it fills that little corner in my patio and welcomes guests. I of course couldn’t leave without a wreath to complete my Halloween patio makeover. I found the cutest spiderweb, feathered wreath! My patio is all ready for an upcoming Halloween playdate that I’ll be hosting! Closer to the party, I’ll make a trip back to At Home to gather party supplies. 

Halloween Patio Makeover 1 copyHallowene Patio Makeover 11 copy

Visit At Home for holiday decorating ideas. Do you prefer Holiday glam or spooky decor? 

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  1. Vanessa, you are truly an inspiration, what an amazing decoration ideas, black and white fabric pumpkins is stealing the show. Thanks for sharing. Is there any way i can get these blog posts in my mail box?

    1. Thank you so much! On the right hand side, you’ll see a box that says “never miss a post”. Fill that little box out with your info and you’ll receive all of my posts in your inbox.

  2. Hello Vanessa, wow! Really awesome patio decoration ideas. I love all your decoration. This is really a very creative idea. Your post inspired me a lot. Thank you for this lovely post. I will try this at home and share with my friends. Keep posting.

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