Halloween: Plastic Bottle Pumpkin Craft for Kids

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Pumpkin: Stages of Halloween Pumpkin Being CarvedHalloween Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Hello! I’m Nadia from Teach Me Mommy, here with a Halloween craft for you. I am all for reusing, recycling and upcycling. This pumpkin treat holder is made by reusing the bottom of a 2 liter plastic bottle, clever! Use this pumpkin box to give out for trick-or-treaters or as a party favor. You can skip the Mod Podge part and simply add an orange serviette inside the box. This is a fun fall craft for kids, with some adult assistance! 


One 2 liter plastic bottle(like Coca Cola)
Orange serviette or tissue paper
Mod Podge
Craft knife
Brown and green pipecleaner


Step 1: Cut the bottom half of the bottle off, about 15 cm high.

Step 2: Cut 5 slits all around the bottle, stopping about 3/4 from the bottom, that will be more or less 5/6 cm. This bottle has a little curve where I stopped cutting, it also had lines to guide me in cutting the same width petals, about 4cm each. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 3: Cut the edges round, like flowers petals.

Step 4: Bend each “petal” inward to close the box.

Step 5: Make a little hole where the pipe cleaners will be attached to.


Step 6: Use the Mod Podge to attach pieces of tissue paper to the petals. It can overlay in some places to cover up the box. (Skip this and the next step if you use a serviette inside the box)

Step 7: Let it dry completely and cover once more with a layer of Mod Podge. Trim where necessary.
Coil the pipecleaners and stick it into the hole.

Step 8: Add the treats.

Step 9: Close up the petals. If needed you can add some clear tape so that it stays closed, but if cut and bent well, this will be unnecessary.

That is it, a perfectly cute pumpkin treats holder!

Halloween Pumpkin Craft

Nadia is a South African mommy of two and a therapist at a elementary remedial school. She blogs over at Teach me Mommy about easy and playful activities with the aim to teach. You can follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Halloween Plastic Bottle Pumpkin Craft for Kids

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