{Buff Mama Monday} My "Before" Picture

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McFatty Monday 8/8/11


Let’s call this picture my “before” picture. You know, the picture that I will post right next to my “after” picture of me 20lbs thinner. I thought the Barbie shirt was fitting for this photo. Not that I idolize Barbie, quite the opposite actually. I’ve had tripple Z boobs while pumping and I have no desire to get those back anytime soon. Sorry Barbie, I don’t think your scrawny legs and tiny waist could even hold up those gigantic knockers. I’m also a 5’10 curvy gal, I would have to starve myself to ever fit into anything below a size 6. I like my curves, I just want a few less.

Unfortunately, I can’t exactly blame my extra pounds on “baby weight”. Between a colicky baby and pumping, that weight (plus more) melted away within the first few weeks. Not that I was super skinny or anything, just less mushy. And then it all (plus more) came piling back on once I no longer had to jiggle, rock, sway All. Day. Long. I blame my extra pounds on colic…and my sweet tooth. I hate both of you.

So, today is the start of my diet…err…lifestyle change, I want to be a buff mama. Hope you don’t mind but I’m taking you guys along for the ride, mainly so you can hold me accountable and tell me to put down the fork (loaded with this and this). For the next 6 months, on Mondays, I plan to post about how my journey to becoming a buff mama is going. Feel free to share your own journey and blog along with me, so we can encourage each other. Link it up below if you so desire. Surely I’m not the only one out there who struggles with her weight, right? ::crickets::

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