(busy bag swap) 12 preschool busy bag ideas

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photos by: Kate Eschbach Photography

Remember the busy bag swap I hosted last month? Here are the preschool bags that we exchanged. So many fun activities and I divided the swap into preschool and toddler categories, to prevent preschoolers from getting activities that aren’t age appropriate. Logan especially loved the “Gone Fishing” bag and he was also totally into the “Count, Sort and Stack” bag. I created the monster play dough kits and the apple tree counting bags (printable coming soon). Stay tuned for the toddler bags and for a chance to win a swag bag!

1. I Spy Game: Preschoolers can search for objects on the cards within the main photo and circle them with their dry erase marker. You can find this fun printable at All Our Days.

2. Mix & Match Animal Cards: Kids can mix and match cards to create animals with these fun cards by Ollibird.

3. Spider Web Counting: Kiddos can use the yarn to make a spider web by counting to 20, counting by 2’s or 3’s or even just counting negatives and positives. This one is great and adaptable for all ages!

4. Count, Sort & Stack: Jen of Life According To The Streets created this fun sequencing game. Logan really enjoyed stacking the blocks according to the card shown in the photo.

5. Gone Fishing Matching & Counting: Kids can have fun “fishing” for felt fish with a magnetic “pole”. The fish also have numbers and corresponding dots on them for kids to match and count.

6. Bean Counting: Preschoolers can place the beans in the circles as they learn to count. This is a great hands on math activity!

7. Monster Play Dough Kit: This bag contained googly eyes, pipe cleaners and play dough. Everything a kid needs to create a silly monster. The bag topper is from Sarah Peterson Designs. This is a great bag to take to a restaurant to keep your kiddo occupied while the food is prepared.

8. Bug Reading Game: This awesome game can be found at 123 Homeschool 4 Me and is a fun way for kids to learn sight words. This is a great kindergarten activity and I love bags that Logan can grow into.

9. Lacing Cards: This is another great bag for a restaurant or doctor’s office. Kids can lace ribbon through the holes and work on their fine motor skills.

10. Apple Tree Pom Pom Counting: I originally created this activity for Logan’s preschool class with play dough and it was a huge hit! This time around I included pom poms and a dry erase marker for parents to get in on the fun by writing down how many apples should be on the tree as kids place the corresponding number of pom poms on the mat. Free printable coming soon!

11. Color Matching Stars: Kids can match, count and sort the stars onto the corresponding pieces of felt. Another great bag to throw into your purse!

12. Foam Lacing Cards: Preschoolers can give their fine motor skills a workout with this lacing activity. The string is especially easy for them to maneuver.

You can find last year’s Busy Bag Swap activities here: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.

Thank you to the following companies for being part of the Busy Bag Swap:

Chiquita: Facebook, Twitter

Clif Bar: Facebook, Twitter

Consumer Crafts: Facebook, Twitter

CoverMate: Facebook, Twitter

CraftProjectIdeas.com: Facebook, Twitter

DecoArt: Facebook, Twitter

Duck Brand: Facebook, Twitter

HappyFamily: Facebook, Twitter

Kate Eschbach Photography: Facebook, Twitter

Oriental Trading Company: Facebook, Twitter

Pick Your Plum: Facebook, Twitter

Poppy Seed Projects: Facebook

Pretzel Crisps: Facebook, Twitter

Reuseit.com: Facebook, Twitter

Shamrock Farms: Facebook, Twitter

The Rainbow Retreat: Facebook, Twitter

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