(mommy talk) what my 4 year old has taught me

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December 2013/photo credit: Hovering Heart Photography

Every since Logan was itty bitty, I started posting “what I learned” posts. What I’ve learned in 1 month, 2 months…2 years, etc. I’ve sorta moved all of my parenting stuff over to instagram and kept my blog focused on all things crafty. Seeing as how my baby boy is turning 4 years old today, I have to carry on our tradition. I’ve said this before, but I truly thought that I’d be the teacher when I had kids. Turns out, my kids are my greatest teachers of all. Especially Logan, my first born, who I affectionately refer to as my guinea pig because he got a mom that didn’t know what the heck she was doing the first time around ha ha! His sister can thank him for the awesome mom she received.

There’s something about this birthday in particular that gets me all choked up. Maybe it’s because he left toddlerhood behind in the dust this past year. It feels like I was pregnant with him just yesterday and now all of a sudden he’s this big boy, with thoughts and opinions (oh so many opinions) of his own. He doesn’t need me as much anymore, which makes me proud and sad all at once. I asked him yesterday what I’d do when he got big and moved away for college. Logan told me, “Mom, you can just make me small again”. I wish it worked that way buddy, but it has been an amazing journey so far and I’m sure the next 4 years will be just as amazing!

August 2013/April 2014

In 4 years I’ve learned…

that superheroes do not have tea parties

patience, patience and more patience

that tomorrow is thankfully a new day

that 3 going on 4 is a tough age (yeah right terrible twos)

that 3 going on 4 is a funny, imaginative and awesome age

to put down my phone and play

that mommy timeouts are sometimes necessary

that having a potty trained kid totally rocks

to wear waterproof mascara on the first day of preschool

that they remember EVERYTHING

to eat more veggies, they are watching

to be well versed in all things ninja turtles, superheroes and dinosaurs

to say I’m sorry and to forgive

Happy 4th Birthday Logan! Mama loves you to the moon and back.

See what else I’ve learned in the past 2 years.

February 2014






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