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I challenged 5 bloggers to a friendly craft challenge. They were each sent the same box of chevron stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils and asked to “Do Something Crafty”. They were allowed to use other materials, as long as they used at least 1 stencil in some way. You, my lovely readers, will have an opportunity to vote for your favorite blogger’s craft at the end of the challenge. The winner will receive a $50 gift card to Cutting Edge Stencils. Meet our first blogger, the crafty Melanie of Reasons To Skip The Housework. Come back on September 14th to vote for Melanie’s craft project!

Melanie is a mom to a girl born in March 2010 and a part time Apple trainer. Somehow, she manages to do web design and also blog over at Reasons To Skip The Housework. Basically, she skips her housework A LOT in order to do all of the other things she loves to do!

In Melanie’s words: My first plan was to paint individual letters on 20″ square pieces of wood. It’s been done before, so I needed to stretch my brain. Off I went to scour new places in my home that could use some wall love. Couldn’t find the perfect spot. UNTIL, I was laying in bed and glanced up at my wooden wardrobe from IKEA that has been in my room 6+ years unnoticed. It has 4 plexiglass type windows in the middle door section. FOUR. 1-2-3-4. And there I had it. My canvas.

The stencils were a challenge for me, but only because they didn’t lay totally flat. I pressed them flat for two weeks before application, and I still had areas that poofed away from the wall. I used double sided tape to press down parts that were really bad, and then just rolled over the stencils slowly. When I finished I had quite a few spots with overflow, but since I painted on plexiglass I was able to scrape it off. If I’d been on wood, or my wall, it would have looked not so great. This was also my first time doing large stencils { I would choose smaller letters next time} so a bunch of it may have just been user error! You can see the full tutorial on Reason’s To Skip The Housework.

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