Party: DIY Valentine’s Day Photo Booth

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Valentine's Day Photo Backdrop copy

I am a sucker for photo booths. . . especially kids and photo booths. I just love the hilarious outtakes that are inevitable when you pair tiny humans with a camera (see photo below). That being said, I tend to create a quick photo booth backdrop for most of the parties I throw. Nothing fancy or elaborate, just a backdrop to add a little color and excitement to an ordinary picture.

Last year I hosted a Valentine’s Day party for my mommy group I am part of, and the photos that the kids took turned out adorable. I created a VERY basic backdrop simply hanging a heart garland I bought at Michaels with a small chair below it for kids to sit at. This year I thought I would vamp it up a bit, mostly because I wanted more space for more kids!

The photo booth backdrop I created for this year’s party is SIMPLE. . . like embarrassingly simple, but I wanted to share it with you because it really is something fun for both kids and adults to use. And the best part is the cost, super cheap!

Materias Needed for DIY Photo Booth Backdrop - Valentine's Day

Here’s what you need:

Valentine’s Day Tablecloth (I got mine from my local dollar store)

Washi Tape in coordinating color (I like using a coordinating color because it blends and can still look cute in pictures)


Garland – I had the pink garland from another party, and bought the other from the dollar bin at Target. Michaels is a great place to get these things. . . and if you go the week before the holiday, they are usually very inexpensive!

Props – Balloons, fun sun sunglasses, flowers, candy/cookies, etc. You get the idea. You can spend as much or as little as you want…again your local dollar store is a great place for these.


Simple Photo Booth Backdrop Using Plastic Table Cloth

-Simply tape the table cloth to the wall in desired size. I knew I didn’t need a very tall booth because the kids are short, but you could easily turn the table cloth vertical if you needed it for adults.

-Decorate if desired.

Photo Booth 2 Photo Booth 1

That’s it, super simple as I mentioned. Even better since these table cloths come in so many different colors and styles it is so easy to coordinate with your party theme. These photos are perfect to share with friends and family on social media, or for print…maybe even some ammo for their wedding slideshow? Lol! 

For more celebration ideas follow me over at Mindy Alyse Celebrations.

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