Disney: 5 Fun Facts About Walk The Prank #WalkThePrank #JungleBookEvent

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I received an all expense paid trip from Disney to attend the #JungleBookEvent. The opinions expressed here are my own and I received no monetary compensation. #WalkThePrank

Walk The Prank Set Visit

You can catch Disney XD’s Walk The Prank on Wednesday nights at 8:30/7:30c. This innovative new show blends scripted comedy with real hidden-camera pranks. My fellow #JungleBookEvent bloggers and I had the opportunity to visit the set of Walk The Prank and chat with Tobie Windham. Windham stars as Will, Dusty’s uncle who owns a joke shop and helps guides the team of pranksters. He was hilarious and was a great sport when we asked him to do the robot, as he did in one of the scenes. Here are a few fun facts that I learned while on the set of Walk The Prank.

Fun Fact 1: Tobie Windham currently holds a second-degree black belt in karate, which might come in handy if a prank ever gets out of hand. Windham said,”Because it’s real, you never know what someone is going to react like. I have a thing that I do now. As soon as we finish the pranks, I always kind of do like a high five just to make sure like ‘hey, this is a joke. You have a friend that set you up, this is all in fun.’ That’s my barometer, if they give me high five, it’s like okay, they’re good!”  

Fun Fact 2: Walk The Prank is filmed at Paramount Pictures on stage 19. Citizen Kane (1941) and Ghost (1990) were filmed there, as well as the shows My Three Sons, That Girl, Odd Couple, Happy Days and Wings. Rumor has it that stage 19 is haunted, but I didn’t notice any paranormal activity while there.


Fun Fact 3: While the scripted part of Walk The Prank is filmed at Paramount, the unscripted pranks are filmed in and around Los Angeles. Inspiration from the pranks are taken from the actors real lives. Watch out for those hidden cameras if you live in L.A.!  

Fun Fact 4: The children attend school on set, where there are 2 teachers available for them. In fact, the mothers of the children (and a grandma) were also on set while we were there. It looked like a really tight knit group that genuinely enjoyed each other, even off set! I love how this show promotes a great sense of camaraderie. 

Stage 19 Walk the Prank

Fun Fact 5: The props are real, even the food! The food props had a sticky note nearby warning people not to eat it. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the set designers clearly went out of their way to recreate a realistic school environment. It was cool to experience and it totally transported me back to 5th grade.

Here’s a little sneak peek for you, if you haven’t already seen this hilarious show:

Catch Walk The Prank on Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c on Disney XD! 

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