DIY: Coral and Aqua Bathroom Makeover Mood Board

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I’m sharing my coral and aqua bathroom makeover mood board as part of a sponsored post for Olympic and The Motherhood. #Bringonthecolor

Olympic Coral and Aqua Bathroom Mood BoardChoosing a paint color terrifies me. Is there such a thing as picking-a-paint-phobia? I have it. While I typically lean towards bright and cheery colors in every other aspect of my life, I have commitment issues when it comes to picking a paint color for my home. After 7 years of living in the same house, with builder beige walls, I haven’t been able to put a ring on a paint color. I think I’m finally ready to settle down and make a commitment. I deserve the happiness of color on my walls.  

Olympic Color Center 6 copyOlympic Color Center 5 copys

Over the weekend, I loaded the kids into a Lowes shopping cart (the one that looks like a car and feels like you are driving a semi) and went to the Olympic Paints and Stains Color Center. I was on a mission to find a paint color for my master bathroom makeover. Not sure I can really call it a makeover when my bathroom has never really been decorated, ever. My kids both have amazing rooms and now I deserve a space all to myself, preferably somewhere I can take bubble baths in peace.

Olympic Color Center 1 copyOlympic Color Center 2 copy

Before we headed to Lowes, I created a mood board (see above) for my space so I wasn’t blindly walking in without a plan (remember my phobia?). Olympic has a fabulous website, where I found some colors that fit with my design, but I need to be able to see and touch in person at the Color Center. The colors are organized, from light pastels to dark accent notes, to make finding and comparing shades super easy. There were paint chips available, as well as brochures to help narrow down colors. I was also able to grab a small sample size to try out before committing to an entire wall for a small fee.

Olympic Color Center 4 copyOlympic Color Center 7 copy

I’m leaning towards the very subtle aqua color “Tropical Dream” for my bathroom and after visiting the Color Center, I’m also toying with the idea of painting the room a grey color. I’m still debating, but the process was painless and I’m ready to tie the knot to a color! Stay tuned to find out which color I picked for my bathroom makeover!

Olympic Color Center 3 copy

Which Olympic paint color would you pick?

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  1. A simple improvement will bring a huge change and beauty for your home. This will be a successful project upon applying these amazing ideas if you’re going to makeover your bathroom.

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